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In topic Virtual REALITY on HTC vive
Make sure that "EnableVR" is set to true in "..\Documents\My Games\Distance\Settings\VRSettings.xml"
23 hours ago
In topic waiting for players
Are all players listed as ready? It should fix itself if you close/reopen the game and host the server again.
Aug 17 @ 2:12am
In topic Wheel detection stopped
Originally posted by justinVR:
I have a G920 wheel that gets detected in controls (the dropdown) but won't work anywhere else. When I hit escape and then go back into controls, keyboard is selected. I can't use the wheel's dpad or buttons. I'm playing in VR. This is a new mobo with plenty of usb bandwidth. CPU is an i7 8700k.
The game doesn't care what device is "selected" in the controls menu - the devices dropdown is purely there in order to set up bindings on each device independently. It takes input from all detected devices simultaneously.
G920 isn't fully supported right now, but will be upon 1.0 full release (Sept. 18th). The devs are including G920s in the two arcade cabinets they're building, so they're working on G920 support right now: (though this is mainly force feedback support, not the inputs themselves)

That said, you should still be able to send input to the game as long as it's detected and listed as a device in the controls menu. Make sure the selected scheme for the wheel isn't set to something weird.
Aug 17 @ 2:08am
In topic game won't start
Make sure you've tried everything listed here:
Aug 13 @ 9:11pm
The #editor channel is for level editor discussion and #modding is for the unofficial mods to the game using the Spectrum extension system.
The maps themselves are pretty small, only a few KB each (generally <100KB each, up to 1MB max typically before maps start to get laggy from too many objects). The thumbnail images for the maps are actually larger than the maps themselves most of the time though still generally only a few KB (<500KB-1MB each). 100 maps, at most, would be 200MB (2MB for each map, thumbnail+map sizes), though a much more accurate estimate would be somewhere around 50-100MB added.

It definitely won't be anywhere near 1GB or more added to the current size. The game right now is only around 500MB total.
Aug 13 @ 7:03pm
Come by the Discord:
There are many level editor guides and plenty of people who can help with more specific questions. If you just generally don't know what to do though, the best thing is to just play around with objects and properties until you get something you like.
Aug 8 @ 5:22pm
What are your graphics settings? I highly recommend disabling Realtime Reflections if you have them enabled - these cause the game to have to render twice (even on low) instead of just once.
What laughter?
Aug 7 @ 12:57pm
In topic Error with launching the game
Make sure you go through everything listed here:
Aug 4 @ 1:58pm
In topic Oculus Rift Touch controllers?
Apparently the touch controllers themselves will automatically emulate xinput if they are the only connected controller:
The game might have to have support enabled for this though, so it may not work with Distance.
Aug 4 @ 10:37am
In topic Oculus Rift Touch controllers?
Not that I know of. The Vive wands (and PSVR wands when the PS4 version is released) are also unsupported. There's just not really anything that needs motion controls. If you're going for immersion then a wheel/pedals+flight stick setup is going to be better paired with the HMD.
Aug 3 @ 10:33am
In topic Oculus Rift Touch controllers?
I don't believe there is touch controller support right now.
The "forums" link on Distance's website just goes to these Steam forums now (and has for quite a while), the old forums were mainly for private alpha and private beta (pre-early access).
Jul 30 @ 10:12am
In topic Different Car Models?
It's not really practical because there's too much required for a car model (carscreen, heat meter, cockpit, vr support, wings, jets, boost, animations for all of those abilities opening, support for the custom colors system [primary, secondary, glow, sparkle], laser/saw slicing support, burned visuals where the slicing occurred, support for the damage system, etc.), not to mention it needs to have relatively similar dimensions to the current vehicle so the laser slicing doesn't feel wonky if you try to slice off something that "doesn't exist".

That said, there will be a couple other vehicles available at full release. The devs detailed this in the most recent devlog here[] at the bottom of the Arcade section right before the Level Editor section. These vehicles will have the exact same physics and collision mesh (hitbox) as the standard vehicle, just visual difference.
Originally posted by wr0ngplanet:
I don't get why it can't have some launch arguments, like -novr or -enablevr or something.
Because it’s a Unity game and afaik, the devs don’t really have any control over launch options; the only launch options you get are what’s given to you by Unity. You might be able to use “-vrmode None” which is detailed here[] though if Distance uses a custom VR implementation instead of the default built-in Unity one (I'm not sure what their exact implementation is), then that launch option probably won’t work.

Originally posted by wr0ngplanet:
But doesn't that make the VR check option disappear, and you'll have to edit an ini file or something to get it back? I'm not sure, I just think I remember reading something like that in this forum somewhere.
It does prevent the game from starting in VR mode, but the game doesn’t have any control over outside software (SteamVR/Oculus Home) starting on their own when they detect a VR-compatible game being opened and yes, it’s an xml file that I detailed in my initial reply to this thread.
Jul 28 @ 1:09am
In topic Turn of rumble while boosting
Originally posted by MrProgressor:
I want rumble for collisions, but if boosting causes rumble you can't distinguish between the rumble. If there's not a setting, Id call it a bug or design flaw.
The rumble for boost is meant to be much less intense than it is for collisions - collisions should spike the intensity so you can still distinguish between them. Is this not what you're experiencing?
Jul 26 @ 3:57pm
In topic Turn of rumble while boosting
You can turn off rumble by using the slider in the controls menu, but not specifically for boosting, only overall rumble.
The stuff changing is noted in the most recent devlog:

There's not really much reason to wait to play it until after full release. The game is basically already finished as-is with the one main thing unfinished being the Adventure mode (which is getting a complete overhaul, none of the same maps are staying in Adventure but they will still be available in Arcade). The current Adv is more of a tutorial than an actual Adventure mode, and it's quite a bit shorter (~20min compared to ~1hr or ~1.5hrs).

The only thing that may be worth waiting for is multiplayer; there will likely be many more people playing soon after full release, but there are still a few multiplayer lobbies going every now and then already.
I try to categorize all my friends to stay organized, and like to keep only unorganized friends in the online/offline list, but when this option is enabled, the search bar/filter at the top of the friends list only searches those who aren't categorized. It should search all friends regardless of hiding categorized in the online/offline lists.
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