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In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
I guess that's my only option. I've not been against doing so, but fan-made tracks don't get the same attention from other fans as official tracks, which I think only limits what they can experience.
Actually, quite a few workshop maps get a lot of plays. The devs even hired 3 community map authors because they were making some of the coolest stuff on the workshop. If you make a map that plays well, you're bound to get a lot of attention on it. Many people keep a playlist of their favorite maps and they play those in multiplayer so then even more people end up playing them.
Apr 22 @ 7:36pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Well, I'd say hop in the editor and give it a go. I don't think it really fits with official maps for the reason I gave earlier, but the basics in the editor are fairly simple to work with and you can make most anything.
Apr 22 @ 2:40pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
My entire point has been that I like how Distance gives us the ability to control the car in every way and that I also like how TrackMania gives us acrobatic displays without having to control anything.
Is it the varying amounts of control that you like (just gas or boost vs full manual jump/rotate/wings) or is it the acrobatics? Because you can have very complex acrobatic maps in Distance, and it's actually a challenge because of the manual control, however, removing control authority in Distance really makes it a lesser game because it's built around you having these abilities and without them, there isn't very much you can do.

Originally posted by prometh:
I think that merging the two would be the utmost in entertainment.
I'm not quite sure how those could be merged. To me, they're entirely different genres (both racing, but parkour platformer vs traditional/standard racing). Maybe you should try your hand at the editor and see what you can come up with. There's an official Discord with an #editor channel where you can get help with the editor:
Apr 18 @ 3:51pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
Thanks! That answers the technical part of the discussion. Now, what're your thoughts on including these ideas in the existing tracks? Not because I'm not interested in creating my own tracks, but just that it'd be a shame to not expose every customer/player to these ideas.
I'm not really sure exactly what you mean in the first place, because the OP was about TM maps that do jumps and loops etc. when you're just holding gas/going straight/no steering. However, you've said you're not trying to make "just hold boost" maps. I don't see where the distinction or difference between those two is unless you mean just for particular sections of maps, and it was the "whole map" thing you were disagreeing with there rather than the "hold boost" thing, which is still basically the same concept ("just hold boost") just in a smaller scale.

Personally, I don't see much point in that kind of thing in official maps because the official maps are meant to teach vehicle abilities, show you what you can do with the abilities, and present challenges for you - there really shouldn't be any completely empty sections in an official map that would need extra, for example, gaps that it jumps for you, because if there's a gap in the track in Distance, then you should be the one doing the jumping, you have that ability.

I guess I'm just not really seeing what it is exactly that you want included.
Apr 17 @ 5:10pm
In topic Info regarding development of the game
They are active in discord:
And a devlog is coming soon. The other branches are for internal testing of non-public features, things they haven't announced yet.
Apr 17 @ 5:07pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
My goal isn't to make "just hold boost" maps. The goal is to get these kinds of things into the core game as part of maps that do require driving. Is there a speed-normalizing lane, or unlimited boost lane?
You can do both of those with force zones and drag triggers, however, "speed normalizing" is going to be a bit relative because of the non-deterministic physics. You can get it pretty close, but not exact because people with different setups are going to get those very slight physics differences, which is why you should keep the tolerances wide.
Apr 16 @ 7:54pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
Are there any other options?
For deterministic physics? Not unless the game is completely recreated on a custom engine.

You can make "just hold boost" maps in the editor, but you have to keep the tolerances fairly wide so you don't run into issues with the physics like what is shown in the video I linked earlier.
Apr 16 @ 7:06pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
Perhaps when Unity is patched to run correctly, this feature will be possible to implement. I think that it'd be really fun.
That's very unlikely. Unity has always been this way, that's just the way it is. Most typical game engines don't have deterministic physics because it's generally too much precision to be necessary in most cases and it's something you have to have in-mind when first designing the engine because it's very difficult to do after-the-fact. TM is built on a custom engine that was specifically designed with deterministic physics.
Apr 16 @ 5:19am
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
Originally posted by prometh:
Computer hardware should not affect the user's abilities, unless we're talking about human response to smoother gameplay.
When mentioning the physics, it's not the abilities I'm talking about. I'm talking about very slight physics differences, like this:
With vsync turned off and playing at around 300 fps, you don't make it to the second checkpoint in Broken Symmetry, but with vsync turned on at 60 fps, you can make it, however, vsync introduces input delay.
This is what it means to be non-deterministic, you give the exact same input (just holding boost), but other factors like vsync or fps play a part in how the physics work out. You don't get the same result every single time because of factors (mostly) out of your control.

Originally posted by prometh:
Regarding vehicle abilities, can they not be controlled at the map level? For example, the start of a map has flight unavailable, made available later via a powerup for a specific segment.
Originally posted by openroadracer #DumpTheTrump:
As to the second paragraph, that already exists, aside from the "limited time powerup" idea. It's all set to specific zones and trigger points; but that does mean you can have abilities activate, deactivate and then reactivate over the course of a single level.
Wings can be disabled and enabled at-will, but all other abilities (jump, boost, rotation jets) can begin disabled and become enabled but they can't be re-disabled.
Apr 14 @ 4:34pm
In topic Distance VR has mysteriously disappeared
I'm not sure what you mean. Just have your HMD plugged in, and start the game normally as if you were going to play on your monitor - Distance detects the HMD on its own and starts in VR mode.
Apr 14 @ 1:03pm
In topic Acrobatics requiring no steering
The problem with this is that the physics in Distance aren't perfectly deterministic. The exact same inputs can have slightly different results depending on fps, vsync, gpu, etc. Also, part of the appeal of Distance as opposed to TM is the vehicle abilities. Part of why those kind of tracks are cool in TM is because you don't have the ability to do those types of things normally, but you can in Distance.
Apr 14 @ 12:50pm
In topic Rare "News" on Steam
This is because they are in discord:

Or twitter:

They are working on a devlog that should be coming out soon, discussing future update plans. They don't like to use the Steam news to post small/minor things that they can much more easily say in discord or as a tweet.
Apr 14 @ 3:54am
In topic Vive + PC local multiplayer? Possible?
No, splitscreen isn't available in VR mode.
Originally posted by hockeyhacker97:
Don't get me wrong, I love playing it in VR, bust in short sessions and not long bursts.
You may want to try messing with the VR options if you haven't already. Turning some of the defaults off tend to help quite a few people:
Apr 13 @ 1:19am
In topic No Sound
Antichamber definitely has sound. It isn't really music though, mostly just ambiance.
Apr 13 @ 1:13am
In topic URL in credits
The bubbles in the credits are the names of Kickstarter backers, whatever "name" each person submitted was added to a bubble, regardless of what the name was. The game's font stays in caps, which is why the google shortlink url doesn't work (Steam also removes shortlinks, you can't post them), because it has lowercase letters in it. It goes to answersingenesis with the proper capitalization.

Old original thread with many regular community member names and other odd/interesting name submissions:
Apr 12 @ 3:22am
In topic 4 years in early access
Originally posted by ..:
dayz much? scam?
Absolutely not. There should be a devlog coming sometime soon that will talk about future update plans. The current goal is to hit full release as soon as possible this year.
Apr 11 @ 12:35am
In topic Game update ?
No there hasn't been a game update in the past day. Servers are player-hosted, so the server you tried to join was likely using an old game version. Make sure the version listed next to the server matches yours (if it doesn't match, it will be colored red).
Apr 5 @ 10:37pm
In topic Game won't start
Apr 5 @ 10:37pm
In topic Linux?
This is because the linux port wasn't done by the dev, he used an outside source to port it, and he doesn't work on the game anymore.
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