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NickT Sep 16 @ 2:07am 
+rep why are you not staying on a rock and don`t kill yourself after you haven`t got owned?
-Collector- Sep 16 @ 12:33am 
Малышка Сарри в прежней красе
Gumball Aug 28 @ 4:11pm 
+rep best killer on DBD
Phil Aug 5 @ 9:39am 
-rep why do you stay on a rock and kill yourself after you got owned?
Myrtle Aug 1 @ 9:32am 
Awwwwww www, deletin yo own comments now and use second acc? LMAO

Error adding Friend. Communication between you and this user has been blocked.
\/\/\/ was ez \/\/\/
Player Aug 1 @ 9:23am 
-rep just a piece of sh** who likes unicors... I played with this mental ♥♥♥♥♥♥, he plays with his friends and they throw every pallet even when the killer was not chasing (they dont look behind LOL), I hold the killer like 2 min without any single one, when I needed, no pallets ofc...
So, these nerds, ddn't like when i said on lobby how bad they are, and they rage a lot talking about others family. It's trashers like this one, they are ruinning online games, and we can get a very bad experience if we play alone, geting swf on dead by daylight.

You should change your nickname to "2Trash", it really suits you LOL :steamsalty: