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Anas Adel   Egypt
PLEASE DO NOT RANDOMLY ADD ME, write me a message here or on the blackwonder forums or discord, and then i'll accept the add request.
My name is wolf C: .... that's it..................................
Actually no, i'm an admin in all Blackwonder's servers.
link to the community's forums: http://blackwonder.tf/

I have been an admin in Operation panda which died, and Blueprint community which merged with Blackwonder.

If you need any help please message me down in the comments first, i will be happy to help.

If you see me add you so that you can help me and your self to keep the servers peaceful from all the rule breakers... please, don't ever ask me for a trade.

i have had some people that i added telling them to notify me if anything wrong happened in the servers, or anyone breaking the rules... they do that, but they also ask me to sell or buy things from them. (please don't be like them)
We are all humans, we make mistakes, but people who make mistakes knowing that this action will get them punishied in anyway, isn't called a mistake, but trolling (most of the time at least)
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<3 big pener
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I wish you a merry Christmas! :xmas_tree:
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:redflower: I wish you a wonderful day! :redflower:

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Is this where camels live?
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hey do you still buy the game lethal league?
if so please respond