things out of context
jamek2002 : pls kill zombie i cant gowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

drv : mom: go to bed
drv : me: one more tank
drv : nofoez:
Tank (nofoez) landed [ 5 - Rocks ] in 11:16s

(Survivor) drv : its my gf
(Survivor) drv : joining
flaika has loaded (17.3s)
drv : hi gf
flaika left - Disconnect by user.

(OOC) Bastianot332: why are there so many fish in my house wtf ????
Bastianot332 died to drowning
(OOC) Bastianot332: why men why spawn pool inside wtf

DrakeEgg: i am come from washintong
(ADMIN): now are you sure about that

clement.tnemelc: why all cost house many number of 0 on 3 cause i am not many mani )
JHared: what the fuck did i just read
clement.tnemelc: dracului tău mic o voi omorî pe mama ta FUCK YOU
clement.tnemelc left the server!
clement.tnemelc joined the server!
clement.tnemelc: sorri conection )) help ??
κατ 10 hours ago 
+rep, gives professional rimjobs
OrkyPorky Sep 21 @ 2:15pm 
Give me flower
Rude Bitch Sep 21 @ 3:41am 
ur so gay ewwww i bet you eat ♥♥♥ u stinky boi
nofoez Sep 16 @ 5:22pm 
not a snak u idiout
ddd Sep 16 @ 9:40am 
Happy birthday bro
Hörnchen Sep 15 @ 5:51pm 
I want your flower, now!