Searah-Anne Johnson   Canada
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Add me only if you wish to have opportunities to chat or play a few rounds with me, bots and multiple accounts noticed will result in a block for both accounts or the bot itself along with all its future doubles.


People who are already VAC Banned are uneligible to be accepted.
People who have been Trade Banned at any given time or still have their ban are also uneligible to be accepted.
People with sponsor names are uneligible to be accepted as use of third party software for outside-of-steam trading is nothing i promote.

Bans that are longer than 1000 days ago are not counted.
Welcome to my profile!
Nice to see that you take your time to read the info on my profile.
I accept friend requests as long as i know who is going to add me. Like my main info on my profile says, there are exceptions. But aside from that , youre welcome to be in my friendslist ^^

• Any games you currently play?
- Im currently lurking about on Trailmakers and Team Fortress 2 alot.

• Are you up for trades?
- Currently, no. This will change when i can indeed start trading properly.

• How old are you?
- Im 20 and female. ^^

• Do you mind being invited to games or groups?
- Yes i kind of do. Depending on either the game or group, i might decline entirely, or only accept it after a certain time. Of course, friends can be an exception with a proper explanation.

For any other questions i am open should you be in my friends list:luv:
Ty for reading c:

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