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About me.

Hello, i'm Sky Gamer. I'm just a regular stallion pegasus as i mostly am.
I don't know what am i gonna say, but before you adding me, i only accept for those who knows me or i know them, either way.

(Update: I have made my own discord group, but it's heavily WiP and it's private. It's not allowed to be in public, and it's for my friends only. So, don't ask if you're not part of it and/or don't know you.)

(Update: Made my own steam Group, but it's for friends only.)

About my SFM Model.

My SFM model is made by me. Feel free to download [www.dropbox.com]it by click the download . But ask me for permission first before you use it on your artwork. (It also functions with Gmod.)

(Has Daughter named Minty Gamer as Minuette named her. download [www.dropbox.com])

(Update: Body's changed as there's no eyelash shadows and smudge when eyes closed.)

Red λ Family.

Mother: [PP][Red λ][Red]❤Lulu~ -^^-

Aunt: [Red λ]❤Red Lλmbda❤

Brother: [Red λ] Adrian Dash , [Red λ] Bolt storm

Info about my OC.

Name: Sky Gamer

Race: Pegasus

Trait: Kind

Special Trait: Extreme Lightwheight (No weight as capable of being carried or scooped by anypony.)

Backstory: Sky was born as a pegasus with his parents in cloudsdale for several years earlier. But later when he was grown teen age, his parents died in the coma and he couldn't do anything to help them. He ran and flew away from cloudsdale as he never come back and he was now stranded in the everfree forest cave for the rest of his foal life, suffering until he'll turn full grown stallion. After he's turned adult, he managed to find the way out of everfree forest, hoping he'll find the place to stay and moving on to his new life. When he arrived to ponyville, he ran into somepony while he's looking away. He looks to where he ran into and saw a blue unicorn mare named Minuette. They apologized and he helped her putting her food back in her saddlebag.They also introduced themselves then she left. Later at night, he was sitting on the ground in ponyville as he was no luck looking for empty house. He heard the hoofsteps as he looks to where is it coming from and it was minuette, surprised to see her outside at night. She asks him what's he doing outside at night. He replied as he just laying on the ground before he'll head back. She tilts his head and asks him again. This time, he was struggling figuring out the answer as he doesn't have the choice but to tells her the truth about his past. As he told her the truth, she was surprised while his tears are crawling out of his eyes. She apologized to hear everything and feels bad about him as he doesn't have a home to live with. He stands up and when he's about to leave the ponyville, but Minuette stops his tracks and turns his head to her. She thoughts that she'll offer him to live with her in canterlot. He fully turns to her in surprised that she doesn't want him to live in the everfree forest cave forever as she lets him live in her house in canterlot. His tears are really pouring down his face as he does need a proper home, thanking her and hugs her tightly crying. She hugs him back as she tells him to let it all out and he did, crying over her shoulder for 5 minutes. He finally stops crying over her and she asks him that he feels better. He nodded without saying anything and she casts the teleport spell on both and teleported to canterlot in front of her house. She drags him into his house and this is where his new life starts. While later, They're on the date on the picnic as they enjoying watching the sunset. He's started to feel nervous around minuette. She noticed that and ask him what's wrong. He said he's fine, but she didn't fall for that as she's caught on. He sighs and finally started to confess with her to let the feeling out. After the confession, he showed her the ring and said final words that she will marry him. Silents around them and she's in shock for a minute. Then he saw the tears are crawling out of her eyes, but the tears of happiness as she gladly accepts it. Several days later, they were now married and bound together for the rest of their lives.


- Hug/Snuggle/Cuddle (He always accepts either way.)

- Friends (He mostly likes to be with his friends as he doesn't mind.)

- Fun (He mostly likes to have fun with his friends.)

- Being Scooped by Anypony (Due to extreme lightweight, he can be picked or scooped up easily. Unlike everypony, he is the lightest pegasus of all due to lack of weight. He likes being scooped and picked up by anypony and Minuette.)

- Being Brushed to mane and tail By Anypony (He always likes to be brushed to mane and/or tail by anypony and Minuette.)


-Booping (He mostly dislikes it as he'll scrunches, but he'll sometimes held back and most likely to boop them back.Eventually, it'll take time for him to get a hang of getting booped by each different ponies as he'll react differently instead of booping them back, turning into liking of getting booped by each same ponies.)

- Lonely (He does not like being alone as similar to his past that he's been stranded and suffered in the everfree forest cave after his parents died and flew away from cloudsdale when he was a teen colt. He doesn't like to be alone as he'll cry of loneliness, causing to have him easily scared or breakdown.)

-Minuette (Married, together and forever bound.)

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[CMCCH] [Red λ] Sky Gamer Aug 16 @ 2:17pm 
[Red λ]💘RaginCajn2016💘 Aug 16 @ 12:31pm 
My Little cutie!!!!
[CMCCH] [Red λ] Sky Gamer Aug 14 @ 10:19am 
┏┓︱┏┓ ┏━━━┓ ┏━━┓
┃┃︱┃┃ ┃┏━┓┃ ┗┫┣┛
┃┗━┛┃ ┃┃︱┃┃ ︱┃┃︱
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┃┃︱┃┃ ┃┏━┓┃ ┏┫┣┓
┗┛︱┗┛ ┗┛︱┗┛ ┗━━┛
[Red λ] Adrian Dash Aug 13 @ 3:33am 
+rep Asorable, loving, friend, sweet hearted, big brother <3 *hugs and kisses* :3 I’m so happy to have chu as my big brother ^w^
[CMCCH] [Red λ] Sky Gamer Aug 10 @ 1:44pm 
*giggles and smiles*