CHECO MX   Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Creator of content, assets, maps, series of cities skylines on YouTube.
aduke101 Nov 4 @ 1:55am 
Hi Bro. I send the images to your messenger account Checo MX. Thanks again. It will be from Albert.
aduke101 Nov 3 @ 10:50am 
Thanks bro. I'll put the buildings info together and send it to you. Thank you plenty. I really appreciate it.
CHECO MX Nov 2 @ 6:54pm 
@aduke101 Thank you very much, of course, send a message on one of my social networks or by steam chat.
aduke101 Nov 2 @ 6:05pm 
Hi bro. Thanks for all you do. Really like your work. If i send you some building info can you please create them for me? Thanks in advance.
CHECO MX Oct 12 @ 11:29am 
@RobledoB gracias, eso lo puedes modificar en tu perfil
RobledoB Oct 12 @ 10:20am 
Que increíble está tu perfil! Ese efecto de tunel se ve chulo jejeje