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Carbon Fiber MP4 Black Interior by Francr2009

This interior replaces the Exclusive Stock Interior of MB Actros MP4


*Dark Grey Wooden Floor.
*Blue lights used for all buttons.
*Carbon Fiber texture used for dashboard and Steering Wheel.
Created by - CDMC and Francr2009
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Cyberpunk 2077
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It's been over a year and even after 1.5 patch the game has tons of bugs. Some can even soft lock the game were you need to reload your previous save or use cheats to fix it without losing your progress. When bugs happen so often that you don't know if its a bug or that's by design. It's just sad. I wanted to like this game, i really did, but this is just bad.

Simple things like for example mouse cursor on in game PC's disappear and you have to navigate it blindly.
After reloading a gun it starts shooting automatically for no reason.
Audio problems, one person talks loud as hell, the other is silent, or there is no voice audio at all.
Simple stuff like reflections, police cars rear lights sometimes become brighter than the sun to the point where you have to turn on first person camera while driving cause you can't see anything.
Radio in cars doesn't change or start playing properly, there were times where i have to stop the car, get out, get back in, then the radio station changes.
When you need to use a MOD to fix multi-core performance issues so it uses all the cores and actually boosts your FPS you know the game has serious issues.
The fact that the bug that was on launch in 2020 still exist in 1.5 where when you're driving normally you suddenly get yeeted in to space for no reason is mind boggling.

I can go on and on about bugs in this game, there are plenty, in the end, is the game worth it?
Not really, don't waste your money unless you really, really want it and its on a sale 50+% off.
Is it playable? Yes, but its not acceptable giving its been over a year and the game feels like its in Early Access. It's just sad.

I played it when it originally launched and passed it in 2 sittings i was so exited(haven't touched it sense), now bought it on steam(to keep my games on one platform) after 1.5 was released hoping its better, but it kinda was a waste of money.
Gonna finish my second playthrough and most likely never touch this game again, maybe in 2077.

I really hope in the future i get to change this review in to a positive one, but for now;
Not Recommended.
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