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My extreme mode melee runs are on this thread

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Hello World!
Hi, CCL sama here! I started working with the hammer editor since 2014 and got really addicted to it. Level design and 3D art is a part of me now and I do it whenever I have enough time to spare.

More detailed information about my hobbies, projects and stuff:
Creator of Highschool of the Zed for Contagion based on "Highschool of the dead"
Working on The Walking Zed Mod for Contagion atm. A part of the inspiration source comes from TWD.

Favourite game : Contagion, DreadOut, RE, Killing Floor 2, Darkwood
Favourite anime : Attack on Titan, Black Lagoon, Claymore
Favourite genre : Survival, Horror

A Blog about my projects []
My Deviantart about drawings and 3D art []
My Youtube Channel || My Animelist []

My Software Kit : Hammer editor, Blender, Substance Indie Pack, Audiacity, Articy Draft 2

You can support my work (always up-to-date) by doing the following:
Rate up my Workshop Items & Guides
Follow me on steam (Follow button is on the right side)
Join the :dizombie: Zedcore Community :dizombie:
Write a comment or visit my blog sometimes :)

What I don't like and won't do:
Please refrain to ask me any questions about Blender or Hammer editor if possible.
I will ignore most of this questions because it will just distract me from my work.

I'm highly against copy infringement. Any stolen content will be reported ASAP.
Just send me a msg if you found any copyright issue from my content and I will remove it.
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[h1]Map description[/h1]
First of all, something very important: You may encounter some jumpscares on my map. Play it at your own risk![/b
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Created by - CCL sama
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Created by - CCL sama
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This guide will reveal all the details of the map, explains useful tactics and helps you to complete every objective.
Don't read this guide if you don't want to get spoiled! My english is not the best so write me a comment below if something needs to be c
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Abandoned Evacuation Passage - TWZ v0.80
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The Rotten MIrror - Cover
TheConceptBoy Apr 16 @ 9:19am 
Hey, I wanted to reach you about offering some help with contagion. From what I can tell you're the main support for this project, right? I've sent you a friends request, so if you have a moment, would love a quick chat.
SteveLosive Mar 20 @ 2:00pm 
Hello, I would like to ask a very important question.
CCL sama Sep 3, 2020 @ 7:32am 
Hi, I might add the inoculator, but not the flamethrower when I do the 64 bit patch for HotZ.
Tiniestkuriboh Sep 2, 2020 @ 5:45pm 
Hey CCL will add you the new items like the inoculator or flamethrower to your weapon script for HOTZ at some point?
Headshot Jun 26, 2020 @ 5:08am 

I wish everyone a wonderful summer time! :summersun:
New Steam Awards Rating has been added.

I be happy for everyone to vote my Steam Artwork :brush: here:
with button "Award" :prize_ribbon: .

Thank you friends!
CCL sama May 21, 2020 @ 6:27am 
Thx! :)