My true identity is 97% shibe   Antarctica
Do you too, also wish to hop into a carriage pulled by four noble steeds and ride through a flower field whilst poking your head out of the window to smell the flowers of the field?
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Oh dearie me
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Oh, hello there!
ABout meeeee :

Hello there! There is nothing to know about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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^ This is literally just a normal bat. No, it's not strange normal, it's just a normal bat. Why would you ever want to buy it? I have no idea. When you go in-game and you try to equip this bat, you don't even know which bat to equip. Because you just have two normal bats that literally look exactly the same.

483 Crates unboxed | 150 during Halloween 2016 during double chance, so technically 633 crates unboxed | 1 unusual uncrated after 353 crates. Unusual worth 20 keys. Second unusual unboxed after 452 crates. Unusualifier uncrated after 456 crates. Just wanna keep track. Total unusual unbox value = 55-ish keys. Worth it!?!?

Trade offer linkkkk!11!1!1!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!111!!!!! []

How to trade :

Don't use's premium search feature to prey on people who don't understand how valuable their hats are (unexperienced traders with expensive hats).

Don't add people to offer on their hats and aggressively lie to them with deceiving self-proclaimed over-priced evaluations of hats, and then pressure them into taking bad deals.

Remember, no amount of hats or keys can ever save a scumbag trader from the clutches of douchebaggery. The only cure, is *gulp* the ultimate cure .... The only way for them to save themselves, is to undertake the eternal journey to the invisible planet of Banhama to find that cure. You don't want to be *that person.* Preventation is better than cure.

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A Hat in Time
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Wong Fei-hung 9 hours ago 
bro i SELL unusual cotton head CIRCLE HEART what can you offer t me bro? RUSH SELLING PLEASE OFFER MY ITEM FOR KEYS
NewMaxico Jan 20 @ 1:33pm 
sent offer for your buyout
:( Jan 20 @ 9:35am 
added for bonk helm
κīwí Jan 20 @ 5:25am 
I'm poor, but I have a crazy deal to tell you.
added for brainiac p fetti
Leffen? Jan 18 @ 7:37pm 
Added for the negotiation for the normal bat