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Obskurrel 13 hours ago 
Hey, added to talk :)
big lion Mar 27 @ 6:46pm 
sent offer
[SBC] niko Mar 27 @ 8:04am 
Spreading the vibes<333

Beto :D Mar 26 @ 11:30pm 
bot inv is full
AndrooV2 Mannco.trade Mar 26 @ 7:30pm 
bot's inventory is full
Duna Mar 26 @ 6:38pm 
added to discuss
[SBC] niko Mar 26 @ 11:38am 
Stay safe gamer <3
no one wants a sick gamer!

[SBC] niko Mar 26 @ 11:38am 
Stay safe gamer <3
no one wants a sick gamer!

added to offer on c.moon belt
Jammies. Mar 25 @ 10:22am 
added to negotiation
jubini Mar 25 @ 9:15am 
Check offer
Legend Mar 25 @ 8:59am 
Sent offer
yeeelow Mar 25 @ 5:49am 
Added for trade
GermanWarden Mar 25 @ 4:31am 
I would like to sell my backpack.
[SBC] niko Mar 25 @ 1:40am 
stay safe gamer<3

Dio Mar 25 @ 1:01am 
added to discuss belt. will offer mixed^^
semt ofmer
Ok so about the offer I sent you of the 20 keys and Haunted Ghosts stout shako for your exquisite rack, im going to sell the hat for pure along with some other things so if you could please reserve that for the time being i'd highly appreciate it :)
bücket Mar 22 @ 12:57pm 
sent offer
cha Mannco.trade Tradeit.gg Mar 21 @ 4:50pm 
Im interrested in your sniper rifle with exorcism
Edwyn Mar 21 @ 10:49am 
I'm having issues with your bot, he dosen't knows what a ''Mann.co Audition Reel'' is.
This a husaria moment Mar 21 @ 9:53am 
Ey bruv I am looking to sell my whole inv basicly everything except for one 1.3 ref hat that was my first ever hat it's worth 18$ on backpack.tf I am looking for 13$ paypal hit me up if you are interested
Could you join, please? ♡ https://discord.gg/yEAXUV2
5 keys
cuf_Fidelko Mar 21 @ 8:01am 
Can i buy your nudes
Jezzus Mar 20 @ 3:59pm 
Added boi
CookSir97 Mar 20 @ 3:01pm 
Added for trade
Mr.Heisenberg Mar 20 @ 8:43am 
scammers please stop adding me lol
Mr.Heisenberg Mar 20 @ 8:37am 
hello, added to sell my bp for keys
Damn you Spy! Mar 20 @ 6:52am 
Made a new offer
Damn you Spy! Mar 20 @ 6:25am 
would you do 113?
Holiday Mar 19 @ 2:52pm 
sent a trade your way
Empathy Mar 19 @ 2:24pm 
added for keys
Commissar Marie Mar 19 @ 10:02am 
hi there. I'm interested in selling my tf2 inventory for paypal funds
cheems Mar 18 @ 4:17pm 
added for trading
mgs1959 Mar 18 @ 12:58pm 
your bot scammed me are ya a scammer?
Okey,dude Mar 17 @ 3:23pm 
let's exchange
socio Mar 17 @ 2:17pm 
hey man i sended u a trade but it is waiting for mobile confirmation
JJ Mar 17 @ 1:04pm 
Added for unusual trade!
.guzzba * Mar 17 @ 12:59pm 
Help me get more comments! I will reply asp
6x6 / 12x12 / 30x30
Have a great day! :heartb:
Hurtmaker Mar 17 @ 4:13am 
I'm interested in buying unusual hat
Alpine Shepherd Boy Mar 16 @ 5:25pm 
I'm interested in selling my backpack
big chungus Mar 16 @ 4:08pm 
Added to discuss selling my backpack
The Bois Member #4 Mar 16 @ 10:19am 
神 FabbeX TRADEIT.GG Mar 16 @ 7:28am 
check out my trade offer ty
Black Dragon Mar 16 @ 7:12am 
added to buy keys
Agera Mar 16 @ 12:27am 
got 650 keys for sale, add me
Jak Mar 15 @ 10:49pm 
offer sent
og Mar 14 @ 3:51pm 
please accept my friend request, need to talk to you.