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M I L K - S H A K E✖ Jun 15 @ 1:06pm 
+rep , very nice man and player
sza Jun 14 @ 4:08am 
check offers
Amur Jun 14 @ 3:11am 
added for trade discussion
donuTz CS.MONEY Jun 13 @ 1:29pm 
accept pls, I would like to trade w u
Good offers only, no♥♥♥♥♥♥knifes
cancro auditivo cs.money Jun 11 @ 10:14am 
check trade offer and pm
Bratt :/ Jun 10 @ 3:29pm 
GG good player
heisenpertti (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jun 10 @ 11:12am 
U found it from csgotraders
♻🅽🅴🅾🅽 Jun 10 @ 10:29am 
-rep Kicks me out of the game while I win him a game
RevaN Jun 10 @ 5:31am 
Added for trade :)
-OCABLOCKA CSGO500 Jun 9 @ 3:20am 
Hi I want to trade with you
Just send me offer bro
EpicGamer.exe Jun 8 @ 8:45pm 
added for possible trade
SMIDGE Jun 8 @ 4:42pm 
possible trade

SHAMYYYje Jun 8 @ 3:44pm 
second, good player and friendly :)
LTM Jun 8 @ 12:04pm 
added for trade
cancro auditivo cs.money Jun 8 @ 10:24am 
added for trade
add me for a trade
vvortel Jun 6 @ 3:38pm 
Added for trade. -vvortel
✪ EwwwwMeister Jun 6 @ 12:47pm 
added you to trade for your karambit
AdamD Jun 6 @ 8:24am 
added for trade
Plummpuddingcastle Jun 4 @ 5:16pm 
wtf...iam scared
Quixxas csgoatse.com Jun 4 @ 10:04am 
i offer my Csgo, Dota inventory for gut doppler u get big profit becouse of many items.
check my offer
Kito Jun 2 @ 8:18am 
check offer ;)
NoFith Jun 1 @ 12:21pm 
check offer man <3
suspect Jun 1 @ 2:25am 
added for trade man
aTi May 31 @ 2:16pm 
added 4 trade
Zeeyko May 31 @ 11:43am 
added for trade
Крабик May 30 @ 3:31am 
Hey are you interested in Katowice 2014 Stickers ?
greensmurf May 30 @ 1:41am 
looking for low float flip knife

for my inventory
Ryan May 28 @ 11:00pm 
Sent an offer, add me if you're willing to trade it tomorrow since my stuff is still on tradehold till tomorrow.
Y-Lyie - TRADEIT.GG May 28 @ 7:03pm 
Added for trade
NIGHT AVENGER May 28 @ 5:36am 
Check my offer pleas
Dalyvis May 28 @ 4:05am 
66 cases and awp pav minimal wear st for shadow dagers crimson web if ok add me
❤ Nephalem May 27 @ 4:32pm 
Adding to ask about knife trade
Antonia.skinhub.com May 27 @ 6:50am 
Hello guys I just wanted a knife I can trade everything listed down (in 7 days)

[H] 6 keys
[H] p250 asiimov FT
[H] Royal paladin FT low float
[H] Awp atheris BS
[H] Mechaindustries deagle FT
[H] Ak-47 cartel
[H] p2000 imperial dragon FT
[H] tec-9 fuel inyector FT

[W] Shadow daggers or flip knife (not safari mesh)
Antonia.skinhub.com May 27 @ 6:43am 
hi I wanted to trade your shadow daggers. I have to wait 7 days though
THE ZOHAN loot.farm May 26 @ 9:35am 
add me i want ur flip vanilla, send me message when u accept me please i will tell my offer i can trade more 15 hours
added for trade.
my gloves + kara for ur bayo tiger + 15$ adds from u? trade ban till tommorow
added for trade
MaFa May 23 @ 2:00pm 
sent a trade offer, adding you for trading
-MECO CS.MONEY May 23 @ 9:09am 
added for trade
aftermath. ♛ May 22 @ 10:07am 
added for trade:csgo_crown:
Karma Is Tired LOOT.Farm May 22 @ 4:39am 
Hey added you wondering if you would trade a knife for some skins c:
rūgštus obuolys May 21 @ 2:44am 
added for trade
bruh May 20 @ 2:56pm 
adding for trade x
(◕ᴥ◕) May 20 @ 2:11pm 
hey m8 i want to trade
aftermath. ♛ May 20 @ 10:10am