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cry about my vac bans it gives me dopamine cheated in CSS
Practice AK with 8x 3 hours a day, free kits all day. 1v1 UKN for skins
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Yea dude lets go do Airfield keycard, 3 geared guys on oil rig wtf, stop roofcamping, 2 hazzies on top of dome with semis, who took heli?, can I have my stuff back?, naked camping oxums, heli at outpost, zerg base, full kit on me, double headshot, full gea
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ӍĐŇ | Fluffy May 7 @ 1:31am 
+rep nice profile😉
GuestEquals Apr 12 @ 9:53pm 
hey man, i added you so i could get the download for the song on your wallpaper. thanks!
A y o Jan 10 @ 7:56am 
Puri⁧⁧fier™ Jan 8 @ 10:58am 
W racist
sfarog [m0rph] Dec 22, 2022 @ 3:11pm 
brinda Sep 22, 2022 @ 12:38pm 
I hope life gets better for you, so you don't feel the need to spread negativity in the world instead of just not saying anything. :apex_gibraltar: