Call me Bernie, you schmuck   Portugal

I'm an avid gamer. :senator:
My name is Binado
Texto a negrito (this is on purpose)
I am portuguese and i have 3 gueese in my farm, but one died on August 2017 due to global warming. And my farm got raided in the 28th of march 2018 and the fuckers killed all my animals except for the guesse and dog.
Age is gay

Não é pela beleza que se namora uma gaja,
é pela cona - RoZe, EleVen 05/08/2018

You like Bundle Bane?
My profile pic and artwork were made by psychicpebbles. He's an animator and he's REALLY good, so check him out: https://www.youtube.com/user/psychicpebbles

With a suit made of electricity
I ran through the Great Wall of China, convincingly

That was after the World Tour
when I travelled through gravel and battled matter at the Earth's core

And now, a touching story:

I just woke up, but I wouldn't mind going for round two.

The great thing about the internet is that it's infinite, or at least damn close to being infinite. There's literally enough material for you to masturbate to something different every hour of your life, thousands of times over. Of course, that's just made up by me on the spot, but I'd imagine it's true.

With so much material you can work with, you've gotta work with yourself first. Trillions of porn, but more than likely, 90% of that isn't probably relevant enough to you. Probably because the quality is too low for you and you know you can do better, or it's just not the sort of thing you're into. Of course, there's nothing wrong with nutting to a 480p gritty video of two amateur couples fucking on their bed with shit camera angles. We've all been there.

You're looking for that 10%, or the less than 1% of that. "The good shit."

Now, hentai isn't for everyone, but it is for me. People think I'm joking even I say this, but I actually think the first image I ever masturbated to was something pokemon related. Getting off topic.

Hentai breaks the limitation of the standardize pornography that we've got today. It goes above and beyond what real porn can provide. We're limited to a budget. If an artist wanted to draw a doujinshi about voodoo magic, zombies, and octopuses raping people, then they're free to do so. Our limitation is how long we're willing to search.

Wanna fuck in space? Sure!

Wanna see a unicorn fuck this girl? Alright!

Wanna girl that can take a dick while also getting her dick blown? We got that!

Wanna hold hands? Fucked up, but yeah, we've got that.

Want vanilla stuff? They got that too, and it's even better than real porn because it's got actual story! People joke about story in porn, but I read it because it's actually entertaining! Some of the best stories I've read are from porn.

There is a downside that I've noticed. At least for me. I start to go down this rabbit hole when I started reading hentai. It's not just vanilla porn anymore. It's gone from vanilla, to bdsm, to rape, to monsters, to guro and vore. Never scat though, luckily.

Some of the most disgusting things I've seen are from hentai, and I have to shamefully admit that I've masturbated to those kinds of things.

But the slight upside is that I always go full circle. Once I've had my taste of the deeper and more messed up mind of the insane artist, I go back to having my vanilla ice cream with sprinkles on top of it!

I think I'm on my fourth cycle. - Uncle Sebby, 2018
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My Backpack.tf profile, in case some people have difficulty on how to do it themselves:

:bluejewel: EN: Hey there, this is my main account and I tend to be friendly to people.
I mostly play CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and various other games. I also have a PS4, but I will only give you my PSN ID if we are actually friends.
I also trade, send me a trade offer if interested in anything or add me to negotiate.

:cameralens: I will only accept you if:
:blueblock: leave a reason for such (or if your profile doesn't look fishy)
:blueblock: Are not banned from sites such as SteamRep and backpack.tf
:blueblock: Have a public profile, inventory and no such thing as a "storage"
Anyway, here is my trade URL : https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=111445771&token=rq9RsF68

:redjewel: PT : Olá, isto é a minha conta principal e costumo ser simpático para quem quero.
Eu jogo CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 e muito mais. Também tenho uma PS4, mas só te dou o meu PSN ID se formos mesmo amigos.
Também troco, manda-me uma proposta de troca e adiciona-me se queres negociar.

:bo3sealed: Só te aceito se:
:redblockoverlay: Deixares uma razão para tal (ou se o teu perfil não for esquisito)
:redblockoverlay: Não estás banido em sites como SteamRep e backpack.tf
:redblockoverlay: Tens um perfil e inventário público
O meu URL de troca já está lá em cima.

:cupcake: :2017tp:

:CMP: <--- My actual computer
:TikiFire: <--- My PS4 (Blew some dust out of it with my mouth :meili:)


You want more? He, I got the perfect thing for you:

Welcome to my Profile. Let me tell you about myself.
I am Buls. Every typed word I say is true. If anyone hates that about me, then that is your opinion. Well... Let's get started.
I love Sonic the Hedgehog! I always have. Since I was young, the only Sonic I missed was Sonic X, and that was because I didn't wake up earlier to watch it. I wish I would have seen it, but that is in the past. If anyone can tell me about it, I'll be all ears and would love to hear it. I own Sonic Advance 1-3 on the Gameboy Advance, Sonic Heroes on the Playstation 2, I used to own Sonic the Hedgehog Original and the second one, but after a while, it never worked again... I miss that game. I own Sonic Generations, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed all on the X-Box and love them all. I try my hardest to beat every game I own at least once, but If I truely love it, I'll beat it multiple times. I now Own Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and I can't wait to play it. While my skills aren't that great like the pro's, I can't wait to see how I stack up. However, as I am a rookie, I may Struggle, but I'll still have fun.
IN ANY GAME, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I will NEVER, EVER, be toxic, Hack, Cheat, Scam, Call names, be racists, be sexist, or do anything to cause you harm. I will try to do my best everytime, be as friendly as I can, Help out friends/teamates, and will NEVER cuss you out. Trade wise, I'll let you have first crack, never lowball you, and will always respect your own items and sentimental value.
If you friend me, or already friended me, I thank you to the deepest part of my heart. (Except hurtful people) This means you have accepted me for who I am and I thank you for that. You have my deepest respect as my friend until you break it. If you break my trust and Respect, I'm sorry but I have to unfriend you, and for this to happen, you would need to Hack, Scam, Cheat or have some personal issue with me or my friend, and I cannot tollerate this. Also, If I friend you, this means I like you're skill to the game, like you in general, or like the things you do/have done. This means that I want to get to know you and become best friends online. I would never harm a friend and I don't intend to change that.
To the deepest friends that I know, and you know who you are, I want to tell you that I love the person you are and always will be. People in this world have to know how special they are and you people that are my best friends have cherrished that. You are my life, my soul, and my heartbeat and I thank each and every one of you who respect me for who I am. You have given me the greatest experience of my short STEAM Life and I would do anything to give back to you. Anyone who thinks that this is BULLSH**, or hates this, or even thinks that this is gay, can go suck a lemon. I don't care about you and I never will, so shut up and go be a pain somewhere else.
I will always keep my profile public. You, yes you.... the player reading this profile, are amazing in your own way... No one on this earth can tell you what to do or be the way they want you to be. You are special. Think of the people that care about you and love you and will never do anything to harm you. That is what you need to say everyday of your life. You are amazing... Never forget that. People can push you down, say mean things, and even go so far as to hurt you inside and out. But you have the power to stand up, and rise from this attrocity and make your own life. Who cares if someone doesn't like you... who cares if they don't like something about you... What matters is what you think of yourself. No one can take that away from you. So stand tall... BE PROUD OF YOURSELF. NEVER CHANGE WHO YOU WANT TO BE AND ABOVE ALL.... LOVE YOURSELF. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN SAY TO YOU... LOVE YOURSELF... AND NEVER... NEVER GIVE UP. Totally Buls

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