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Posted: Jul 9 @ 1:33am

Ring of Elysium The game "get to da chopeer" ! ;

*First of all it's FREE-GAME
*Game includes cool bloody skins xD
*Cool Graphics over 300 fps
*Popular Multiplayer BattleRoyale & have some lot's of players.
*Volcanic ash is the main problem this time , stay in the circle...
*Have Season's you get cool things and can buy season pack to gain new skins & stuff ever level u gain.
*Tiers = Level

Graphic 8/10 Not bad , it's actually pretty good lookin
Sounds 8/10 Sound are fine , volcanic type , atmospheric & gun shoot they're fine.
Optimize 7/10 still better then before but it has some issues still if they will be gonne game will be even popular.
Bugs 1/10 well with HOT-FIX'es they figured it out serious problem and they're gonna has some little one's that not important.
Equalization 8/10 it's not P2W , to win the game you need to be good aimed & tactican or good ninja that climb helicopter to win
Map 9/10 I mean map is not bad at all , and has some underwater world as well but we need 1 more map i think ^^
Mechanics 8/10 Mechanics are great in this game at least better then fortfok.
Animation 8/10 Animation's are fine and well done but combat one's are so simple.
Town&LootArea 9/10 well loot is fine if ure duo not in squad i tell ya
Weapon 10/10 Well so far i really like guns in this game and there's a lots of but can be more :3

I would recommend you to the play this game this game it's free , fun with friends and do not forget to support game...
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Brunwick™ Jul 10 @ 10:18am 
@PerthHero , 300 fps on intro ofc dude im bloody kiddin xD & @yesaydont , well dude almost 20 hour of gameplay did not see any kind of hacker so i did not mention bout it.
yesaydont Jul 10 @ 8:18am 
u forgot to mention hackers
ThePerthAnnihilator Jul 10 @ 6:21am 
300 fps on the lobby screen or the intro cinematic most likely as the game itself has GPU usage issues.