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Posted: Nov 25, 2016 @ 1:50pm
Updated: Jul 17, 2018 @ 7:39pm

Infestation Survivor Stories is formerly called The Warz ...
Despite being a multi-player;
it was broken and developers do not care about it ...
full of cheat and the game permantly closed in 2016 ...

Fredaikis release Infestation NewZ with good admin crew same year.
The NewZ added on steam and gain popularity back as possible.
Anti-Cheat software was good old cheathers gonner.
Game has new types of game mods such as ; Openworld | Survival | Battle Royale | Ranked.

They did make many updated to keep the game alive like new skin's new types of armor's and helmet's , airdrops , events , maps, etc.

Many Charachters to so fun with friends. but don't forget to mainly PvP game.

Graphic 8/10 like old school ISS.
Sounds 8/10 Zombie's are same and i love that weapon and atmosphere is awsome.
Connection 8/10 they did add many servers and improve server quality.
Optimize 7/10 Game was broken but they did fix the issues and optimized like hotfix all week.
Bugs 0/10 Never see bugs.
Cheats 0/10 Never cheathers either.
Zombies 7/10 Zombies of this game is awsome but there is almost 5 types of zombie :(
Loot 10/10 Loots of loot for openworld , hard to get but enough loot for survival.
Mechanics 7/10 the game has good mechanics for old players bad for new one's.
Animation 6/10 not good on animation's but no need to be a good animation in pvp game.
Game Map 9/10 well detailed maps for pvp and survive maybe even for battle royale.
Craft 10/10 everything craftable but i don't think people care about it xD

Special Thanks to @Svena69
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