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Posted: Jul 26, 2018 @ 7:10pm

60 Seconds The game I love to send others to death while i'm eating can of soup ;

*Game is fun first of all.
*Before nuclear bomb , you gather supplies for bunker and maybe save your family.
*After nuclear bomb , you start to use supplies for survive and make decisions to be survive !
*Game has cool things that you will see when u played it.
*Game moves on day to day readin note about day who needs what and make choice on random events.
*Sometime game goes funny i mean like you start to laugh or say what da hell !
*Game also has many ending it's all about you after all.
*Don't forget to kill mutant rats !

Graphic 10/10 for a basic bunker survive simulator it's pretty awsome !
Sounds 8/10 Everything has cool , fun and realistic sound effects.
Optimize 10/10 You can play with any kind of pc !
Bugs 0/10 Well i never see or hear anyone say bug in this game !
Equalization 10/10 it's up to you after all like i said but luck is important >.<
Story 10/10 It's about aftermath of nuclear strike , stay in the bunker to survive !
Detail 10/10 Well detailed everything well done !
Mechanics 9/10 not even require keyboard just with mouse chillin relax.
Animation 7/10 This kind of game doesnt need animation but there is some animations for like they're alive or ded !
Texure 8/10 Cool and cute texure's for stuff's around !
Bunker 8/10 It's small well detailed if you find stuffs xD
Battle 8/10 it's not like real battle just events against bandits or mutant rats !
Loot 8/10 Goin outside of the bunker is dangerous and risky but you cant survive if there is no supply.
Events 9/10 They're random , require's luck , and hope you be lucky cuz if you don't ure ded mate !
Food 9/10 Well there is only canned soup but it's like meme for this game so acceptable !
Material 10/10 Everything that u need after nuclear strike !

I would recommend you to the play this game it's fun after all chillin you and makes you focus even you're depressed (tested) so game deserves 4£ for me !
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