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Posted: Jul 18, 2018 @ 9:39am

Middle-Earth SoW The game we love to play about Lord of the Rings second time ;

*Game is well designed just like middle earth.
*Storyline is great again like first game ! and same hero we play with !
*Storyline is real so take it serious again !
*Fine combat system even better this time !
*So cool moves in-game !
*Graphics are great.
*Gollum gollum !
*Conquer the Mordor !
*You can take Orc Cheif on your side !
*Siege for castle's are awsome !
*For Gondor and Bright Lord !

Graphic 10/10 It's great well designed & well improved and Middle earth era !
Sounds 10/10 sounds are just great well sound for every action !
Optimize 10/10 well optimization playin game with high fps on ultra HD !
Bugs 0/10 Never see bug in this game !
Equalization 10/10 Great equality again keep it up !
Story 10/10 if it is Middle earth it's awsome , great and well storyline for LotR.
Map 10/10 it's like Mordor you can feel the atmosphere of darkness !
Castle's 10/10 Mordor castle's and 1 Gondor castle there and they pretty much well designed for a siege eheheheh !
Mechanics 10/10 Great combat system even better and fun this time !
Animation 10/10 cut sceneesesese ofc for story line , rest have so well animation !
Commanders 10/10 Conquest the mordor with your own army !
Weapon 10/10 with the hammer take commander's rune and upgrade your power !
Gollum 10/10 No words...
Betrayell 10/10 they will betray you and u will cute them down these orc's what do you except !
Note:The thing is you can act conquest your friends castle to that's so funny to do that i thing hehehhehe :D

I would recommend you to the play this game this game deserve like 30 £ just buy and play!
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