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Posted: Apr 30, 2015 @ 7:58am
Updated: Jul 18, 2018 @ 8:08am

Caribbean The game arrrr ! pirate ;

*Same game engine as Mount & Blade.
*NPC's are bad.
*Game not finished (they release new version of it and give it free fo buy this game)
*Well designed.
*Graphics less but good for pirate game.

Graphic 6/10 well designed pirate game but not good at all.
Sounds 6/10 sounds are not realistic and game music is the best.
Optimize 7/10 fps drops & freeze can happen on bad pc specs.
Bugs 4/10 There is some bugs that makes you uninstall the game.
Equalization 7/10 not bad not good just fine.
Story 7/10 Pirate game does not have storyline but there is openworld that u can make story.
Countries 10/10 Typic caribbean countryies like , Spania , Britain , French , Dutch & Pirates.
Mechanics 7/10 same as Mount & Blade Warband so it's ok.
Animation 6/10 Poor animation.
Cityies 6/10 well not good designed & not enterable.
Ships 7/10 not detailed as much but its enough for an game i guess.

I would recommend you to the give it a try but game only deserve like 3 £
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