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Posted: Dec 15, 2014 @ 1:31pm
Updated: Jul 18, 2018 @ 9:57am

TWD Season II The game we want to release ;

*Game is like first game !
*Storyline is great ! but sad that we lost our nigguh Lee !
*TWD knows how to make storyline for zombie survival !
*They add more action !
*Play as Clementine !
*It gives a emotion of what's happening !

Graphic 8/10 It's about storyline but graphs are great for TWD story.
Sounds 9/10 Game atmosphere with sound every action has great sound !
Optimize 10/10 not require high pc specs can easly play with high quality !
Bugs 0/10 Most of the game like cut sceneseses so bugs are not allowed !
Equalization 10/10 Good job Telltale games !
Story 10/10 This game really knows how to give era's energy and story's deep.
Map 10/10 just like survival TWD it's well detailed.
Mechanics 7/10 Combat with zombies are all about click or just pressin 1 key.
Animation 10/10 Game like movie so even interact's are perfect !
Weapon 10/10 even these are storyline items they're usefull and survivalalalal !
Zombies 10/10 TWD always knows about zombies !
Hero's 9/10 many other characters for storyline that makes even things mor action !
Note:Game is all about storyline if you did not play the first season play first one.
Note:Game is like movie most of the game about choose action !

I would recommend you to the play this game this game deserve like 5 £
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