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Upplagd: 29 dec, 2014 @ 14:34
Uppdaterad: 18 jul, 2018 @ 9:07

LotR The game in LEGOOO with movie hero's ;

*Game is fun it's lego !
*Good story line !
*Good mechanics !
*Well designed legoo !
*Hero's are funny and game all about fun !
*Puzzle's around !
*it's like meme to be honest xD

Graphic 9/10 for a Lego game it's well designed.
Sounds 9/10 sounds for a lego game everything has nice sound effect !
Optimize 9/10 no fps drops or freezes work with bad pc to.
Bugs 0/10 Never seen bug in game play.
Equalization 8/10 great equality and worked on !
Story 10/10 it's legend LotR so do not try to give less then 10 !
Map 10/10 well just like in the game but lego style.
Mechanics 9/10 good mechanic for lego game its not cancer i can sure you that.
Animation 9/10 cut scenessesese and animation for interact !
Material 10/10 we gather something like coin idk...

I would recommend you to the play this game this game is fun and makes you laugh deserve like 5 £ trust me.
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