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Posted: Aug 13, 2018 @ 6:57am

Crysis is an alien invasion game set in the year 2020. An archeological team on a remote Pacific island is captured by an invasion force of North Koreans, and your US Special Forces team is dispatched to investigate and rescue the scientists. Clad in high-tech nanosuits capable of boosting your strength, speed, and armor, as well as cloaking you temporarily to the enemy, you're parachuted into a tropical paradise that's crawling with intelligent enemies and something else that's tearing both the North Koreans and US forces to shreds.

*Nano suit boiii !
*Big world with detailed atmosphere !
*Village's , millitary checkpoints , camps everything well designed !
*Graphics are for that year so good !
*Crytek engined game !
*Great storyline !
*Cool animations !
*Nano suit has some special things like (cloak , speed , strength , armor)
*Even you can survive from tank shell but don't forget that you're human tho !

Graphic 9/10 For that year its fine and crytek knows how to make graphics...
Sounds 9/10 realistic sound , characters are funny , Atmosphere , korean soldiers sounds are well detailed...
Optimize 10/10 %100 optimization i did play when i was kid this game with 1gb old graph card
Bugs 3/10 There is couple bugs but they're not makin you rage or makin your game crash or freeze...
Equalization 9/10 You're nano suit boiii what do you except crush these korean boiiis...
Story 10/10 Crysis has many games and every each game connected with each other great storybased game !
Map 9/10 well detailed map it's like open world huge map with details ! (island boiii)
Character 10/10 Our other nanosuit booiis are funny , cool just like us & our hero also is fine !
Mechanics 9/10 Crysis mechanics is the one of the greatest combat exparianced game !
Animation 9/10 Animation for this year game omg this game even better when u think about it !
Texure 10/10 Realistic texure's well designed nano suit , world , weapons !
Skill 10/10 Nanosuit has special ability's that makes the missions more easier and makes you hype !
Weapons 9/10 not many types of weapon but don't forget that your suit is weapon itself so :P

I would recommend you to the buy the entire cyris games to follow storyline and have fun !
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