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Hey guys! I am currently playing Teeworlds as of June. I am searching for other games right now that I can play on steam. Only problem is that I don't really spend money. It would be nice to have some cool games to play. I also need a new gaming PC cause I litterally can't run Fortnite anymore w/o extreme lag. I don't play Fortnite now cause of that. You guys might have seen me from back in the day, where I was on steam 24/7 and having so much fun. I sadly grew out of those games, and don't find much in them anymore. My top friends are Vexei and Dark Helix which I don't play with much anymore. I really don't know where Dark Helix went but I do know that Vexei is gonna be away for a while only on every now and then, because he is building a new PC, so I don't know if that's complete or not, but I do hope to see them sometime soon, and find games that'd be fun, enough talking about that I just recently hit my 4th year on steam about 17 days ago. I have signed up for steam on 7/1/14 I will let you guys know when I get a gaming PC and maybe a year later I will actually have money to buy more games to play with you guys if you want.
If I don't remember you it's cause I have so much people to remember that it's nearly impossible.
Fun fact: I actually have autism, but I got help when I was younger, so I have overcome my autism, of course its not gonna dissapear tho. Another thing is that I had a cat that died 3 yrs ago I think, but we got him on autsim awareness day. Please be respectful and kind to me and others, If you aren't then bye bye.
I hope you guys have a great day or night!

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Broso56 Apr 20 @ 11:48pm 
well my januarary 12th comment has changed. Im basically just playing Fortnite.... thats about it tbh.... im broke ;-; (There are no good free games except for Fortnite (Rocket league and Teeworlds is an exception ofc, they were good too...)
Broso56 Apr 20 @ 11:46pm 
Time flys by I remember my 3rd year like it was yesterday. I joined June 1st 2014, and its almost June again :p Wow.
Broso56 Jan 20 @ 4:20pm 
Hey brah. (jack)
Strange Revolver Jan 16 @ 3:25pm 
Broso56 Jan 12 @ 7:09pm 
well my april 12th 2017 comment has changed... entirely
like legit i just play .io games and NOW getting back to steam (:D :D :D)
Vexei Jan 11 @ 6:42pm 
(I'm still haunted with 56)