陈一平   Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
独角兽 []大法好!任天堂大法好!小马大法好!
HMS Unicorn is the best ship ever (in Azur Lane)! Nintendo is the best game company ever! My Little Pony is the best anime ever!

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Last update 2017-11-29

主要交流使用 QQ,但是……出于私人原因不在 Steam 上公开。
I mainly use QQ as a communication tool, but that's too private to put here.

若要与我使用 IM 交流,请使用 Telegram []
If you intend to communicate using instant message, you may want to use Telegram [].

Or you can send E-mails to

自我介绍 Self Introduction
一个已经开始工作的萌新 (就跟 凉风青叶 []一样)
A newbie who just came to work (like Suzukaze Aoba [])

Used to be a brony, but not in the herd any more

花费时间最长的时间并不在 Steam 上, 而是在一个音乐游戏 osu! []
Spent most of the time on a rhythm game called osu! [] instead of Steam

偶尔玩玩 Minecraft 和 Ingress
Plays Minecraft and Ingress occasionally

Enjoys messing around with computer stuff

Enjoys watching Japanese comics and is an Otaku

Addicted to listening to game/anime OSTs

喜欢的游戏 Favourite Games in Steam
Don't need any ado. Just play it.

planetarian HD (仅限简体中文) & planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ (English & Japanese)
为数不多让我落泪的游戏,而且引起了我对于 AI 的深刻思考。
One of very few game that made me weep, and raised my concern about the development of AI.

交友政策 Friends Policy
Unfortunately, I only add people that I know as friends currently. If you are not one of my allies, please state your business after you add me as a friend.

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