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My Favorite Games on Steam
Top 1: Tomb Raider
Brave and beautiful. Wit and wonderful. Her name is Lara Croft.

Top 2: Bioshock Infinite
Twists followed by twists. Riddles covered by riddles. As the story unfolds, a big secret reveals.

Top 3: Mad Max
Yet the fate is misled and the madness is lit. The revenge, in the name of love, will never cease.

Top 4: Grim Dawn
Best ARPG ever! A for ADDICTING!

Top 5: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
Have killed hundreds of Orcs and you're still besieged by hundreds. Welcome to Middle-earth!

Top 6: XCOM 2
Hello, commander! The XCOM project is still on!

Top 7: The Walking Dead: Season Two
Ally or foe. Zombie or people. How to tell? Who to trust? What to do?

Top 8: Don't Starve
Ouch! Something hits me in the darkness! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Top 9: ABZU
You dive deep, you swim around, and you relax a lot.

Top 10: Rocket League
Some plays to touch the ball. Some plays to hit the wall. Only a few plays to score and score.

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Hello. 你在Steamgifts有抽獎到本人舉辦的, 請加我好友領取~
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Thank you sir xD
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Hello, check steamtrades please, thanks
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Thank you ☺