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Rowan Rapisarda   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
ozfortress Media Coordinator
Usually found at twitch.tv/brodogs or twitch.tv/tflivetv
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Current team: Unicycle (backup)

Previous teams:
We Are Carnage
Adrenaline Rush
Unreal Aussies (6v6)
Frenetic Array: Devon
fray` rebound
Frenetic Array: Quake Live
Unreal Aussies
Unreal Aussies 2.0/Centrelink Warriorz
Roflstompers/fray` Creepers
Gr0w Incorporated
Mindset Gaming: Cerebrum

OWL div4 Semi-finals (Unreal Aussies)
OWL:SE div2 Semi-finals (Frenetic Array: Devon)
OWL:SE div2 Most Improved Player
CFL3 2nd place
C4C 8th place (Unreal Aussies)
OWL3 div4 Semi-finals (Unreal Aussies)
OWL4 div3 7th place (Centrelink Warriorz)
OZFC2 Round of 16 (Roflstompers)
OWL6 div3 7h place (gr0w)
OWL9 div3 5th place (mG:c)
OZFC3 Round of 12 (mG:c)
OWL10 div5 5th place (Unicycle)
OWL10 div5 Best Roamer
OWL11 div3 4th place (Unicycle)
OWL11 div3 #friendliest (Unicycle)
OWL12 div3 #friendliest (Unicycle)
OWL13 div3 #friendliest (Unicycle)
OWL13 div3 3rd place (Unicycle)

SGL Resurgence LAN (march 2010) 3rd (Random A - XTRAC Fat Mat)
SGL 2.0 (may 2010) 3rd (Onions Fan Club - Logitech M950 Performance Mouse)
SOGC FREELAN (August 2010) 1st (Hyphen - Thermaltake v9 and a SteelSeries mouse)
ozflan (gr0w)
MaqLAN 27/4/2014 - 2nd (GTSOM sub medic - mouse and mousepad)

Quake Live:
4sg CTF2 Div4 - 1st place

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stream [www.twitch.tv]
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dirty economist
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why arent i mod on ur strema
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goon wants 10