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12:47 AM - King David™: i haVE THE MALL
12:47 AM - King David™: THE WHOLE
12:47 AM - King David™: MALL

2:26 AM - Chaohord: idk what its like to get fucked by actual people

2:07 PM - G.O.A.T: Cock, Serve, Delicious is great

10:17 PM - Bill: I feel like ramming my DICK into something out of pure joy

"Enten sind knallharte Typen" ~Insy

12:47 AM - Chichen: When i get really frustrated I go on fuck sprees

9:32 PM - Solidjake™: i SWEAR you were right up my ass

7:48 PM - Johndill: are u interested in game keys for arma x?
7:48 PM - fds.BroDuck: what games
7:49 PM - Johndill: dukem forever....

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victor_jajaja Jun 22 @ 8:06am 
Hello, I have just purchased the game. Every time I time to run it a white window appears and a few seconds later it closes without no reason. I've reinstalled it many times and the problem still exists. Can I have any help? Thanks!
SpookoMano Jun 6 @ 6:34am 
Hey can you close my thread on the Duck Game discussions?
venkai #TF2Center Jun 2 @ 2:54am 
i am very lonely man please play the game with duck
Gabi May 30 @ 4:06am 
I can give my Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Drepmecha56 Dec 29, 2017 @ 9:31pm 
hey can you help me out with duck hunt?
i noticed you helped someone with the same problem i forgot the forum and the guys name but you said you found a way to load duck hunt by having a doc folder something?
cheese.9898 Dec 25, 2017 @ 12:14pm 
:dwayneelf::2015candycane::2015holly: Merry Christmas! :2015holly::2015candycane::dwayneelf: