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This spooky game is perfect for any dark and mysterious night. This game has a guide if you get stuck built into the game, plus a hint raven that gives you hints on where to go if you leave the game and pick it up later. Great imagry used with tons of scary effects as you follow the twisted life of Mark Twain as you uncover Shakespeares most dark secrets.

Rating: 10/10 Value: $9.99

Bridgets historical background on Mark Twain and Shakespeare:

Mark twain was born the day Haleys comet flew over head and as his father said of his newborn son, "He will usher in a new era of peace". Little did he know lurking in the shadows was Shakespeare twiddling his mustache waiting to thwart the plans of Mark Twain. Mark Twain trained for decades honing his martial arts doing menial chores to enhance his KungFu, such as painting fences, as Mr.Hukkleberry would say "PAINT UP, PAINT DOWN!". Twain found Shakespeare on skull island in the Globe theater contemplating his plans for world domination. As Twain approached Shakespeare who was a master witch, he found him leaning over a cauldron saying, "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble." Before Shakespeare could complete the spell to take over the world, Mark Twain lept across the room jump kicking Shakespeare in the face. Lying on the ground Shakespeare looked over at Twain saying, "Hey Twain have a taste of my Shake-spear!!!" Shakespeare yelled at Twain, "COME HERE!", whereupon from Shakespeares wrist, came a spear attached to a rope. Twain dodged the Shakes-spear using his cat like reflexes to grab it out of mid air. Seeing the rope attached to Shakespeare's wrist, Twain pulled the rope so hard it flung Shakespeare through two walls! Dust filled the air as bricks and boards fell all around them. What Twain didnt know is Shakespeare had rigged the Globe Theater to explode. Shakespeare stood up, "You think you can stop my evil plans to take over the world, you'll never escape Mark Twain!". Shakespeare pulled a blanket off the wall revealing a pile of explosives. Twain turned towards the door running as he heard the maniacal laughter of Shakespeare breathing down the back of his neck.

Shakespeare rushed to the balcony of the Globe Theater standing with a knife in his hand, when he spotted Mark Twain running. Shakespeare lept off the balcony as the globe theater exploded into flames behind him screaming "I'LL CUT YOU EAR TO EAR MARK TWAIN!". Mark Twain proclaimed, "Its never too late for the light of liberty to shine Shakespeare!". As Shakespeare hurtled towards him, Mark Twain did a combat roll grabbing an American Flag impaling Shakespeare killing him instantly. Twain looked down at Shakespeares dead body saying, "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Shakespeare uttered his dying words to Twain, "You can strike me down, but my theatrical literary works will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine!". Shakespeare's diabolical plot to invent "Homework" had succeeded. Children all over the world were forced to read the works of Shakespeare instilling hatred for generations to come.
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