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First Add the Bot as a Friend on Steam then type !help

WE DO NOT ACCEPT Capsule keys and Hydra Keys!

Don't like the trade hold? USE TF2 keys (Team Fortress 2) They have no trade hold and they give you more levels! (They have no trade hold if you buy it from a person, on market it will always have a trade hold)

Level up service working good? Comment +Rep and what level you reached!

If you want to buy or sell csgo keys and tf2 keys to a trusted person, Add me the owner of this bot and the website! Click to Add COMMENT YOU ADDED ME TO BUY OR SELL KEYS OR I WILL NOT ACCEPT!



Do you have a key in your inventory and the bot says you don't have one?

Click the key in your inventory, read the Red Text and we don't accept Hydra Keys!

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+rep lvl 39
GE - Trix há 5 horas 
+rep lvl 22
Spectrum há 10 horas 
Yea it says that i cant trade because i have a trade on hold. How do i fix it plz help xD
WarFare Venom há 19 horas 
+rep level 26
Andru há 20 horas 
+rep level 15
𝙷 𝚇 𝙿 𝙴 𝚁 12 de nov às 8:44