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SAEKER cs.money 20 hours ago 
G: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!
+rep Good player
+rep Amazing Tactics
+rep Epic Clutch
+rep Clutchmeister
+rep Killing Machine
+rep 1Tap Only
+rep Insane Skills
+rep One shot, one kill. No luck, just skill
+rep Top Player
+rep Epic Comeback
+rep Good Teammate
+rep Friendly Person
+rep nice profile
+rep AWP GOD
+rep AK-47 GOD
также делаю взаим лайк илюстации
Alinhellcase.com 20 hours ago 
schglamomabba Feb 14 @ 3:40am 
and will also get more levels because bought keys in two different days. tommorrow ill be level 30 or something
schglamomabba Feb 14 @ 3:40am 
+rep got level 20 from level 12! i had minor problems with tf keys because i got the wrong kind of key. you need mann co crate key not a cosmetic case key
nimr0d loot.farm Feb 13 @ 11:30pm 
✪TwistzCS Feb 12 @ 1:41am 
+rep level from 10 to 25