🎃Spookster T. Koopa 🎃
TJ   United States
:gmod: The Phantom Magician :gmod:
I am Brewster,3D model hobbyist,Animator and Veteran :Gmod:modder
My youtube channel

Now onto shit about me :'D

I am Autistic and Diabetic.

I'm very shy, and i always have trouble saying the first word to start a conversation.

I mostly love Mario games and other platformers and strategy games.

I don't usually play multiplayer, as i am a loner and prefer solitude, But it doesn't mean i don't like talking, hit me up for a chat at any time lol.

I make Gmod videos and obviously, 3D models.

I HATE 90% of the Splatoon-Gmod/SFM community because most of the people i know from it, are crazy one way or another, especially since most of the splatoon community is nothing but drama drama drama.

I am never afraid to speak my mind about something, but for the life of me, please don't mention politics or, as said above, drama, i don't care.

My Gmodsona is a fruitbat ghost in magician-themed armor.

I'd like to consider myself a Stalwart, a loyal and hardworking man.

I will always give you a second chance if you piss me off, but do something really fucking drastic, consider your ass grass.

and lastly

I Really Fucking Hate When People Type Like This.

Currently Online
About me n' shit
Things to know about friending me.
Please,if I do not know you.,do not add me without sending me a comment FIRST OF WHY YOU ARE ADDING ME, I will NOT accept you if you are a fan of my models Join my Group for that.
I also don't friend people who want to play with me, i don't play multiplayer with random people.
If you repeatedly friend me when i declined you. You will be BLOCKED Ya hear?

I also have a discord server if you wanna join as i'm more active there [discordapp.com]

personal ports and pricing.
I do alot of modding,i currently doing comissions for models,custom and porting,for a reasonable fee of 10-50 USD. usually depending on the complexity of the model.i go no lower nor higher,and i do NOT accept virtual items as a price,get outta here with that shit.

If you also want a pack of ragdolls as a comission, it'll cost no more nor less than $100 USD

Artwork Showcase
Shovel Knight Vs. The Phantom Magician
Workshop Showcase
[h1] Who you callin DUMMY!? [/h1]

Slappy the Dummy Comes to gmod! as part of a halloween project. He is fingerposable, and faceposable.
and 100% evil...Jack Black beware!


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anyway hape hhalowen
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That explains it
because my name is Brewster.