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YongZhong May 21 @ 7:36am 
question about my donation
CaveX Apr 19 @ 3:43pm 
Question about your work, NTG Inventory System.
thedarknesspwns Feb 17 @ 12:10am 
Quick question
tobiasxz-usagi Feb 6 @ 3:38pm 
Hello mr. You probably don't know who i am. So i want to say who i am. There is a little story about me :
About 10 years ago I saw your profile and i wanted to say all i thought about it. But there was a little problem. I had no idea how to speak england. So i started to learn england. Then the only proud to be was learning england. I learned it hard. I forgot how to work, study. I never went for a walk since that day. I don't even know how old i am. I asked my son to create a steam account to leave a comment in the future. How am i still alive? Might you ask. Ha! I resell csgo skins and buy food not to die during I learn english. Okay i hope you understand who i am now. Yes i don't know english perfectly(i just realized not england, english haha) but i know it enough to write all i think about your profile and you at all.
You dude are so gay and wtf is that profile pic wtf dude i just dont undrstand do you like to have a wiener in ur butt lmao
tobiasxz-usagi Feb 6 @ 3:36pm 
:ubrass: x2
Unpoke Feb 6 @ 3:35pm