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Perhaps adding this on my profile will stop all the scammers that are adding me
A scammer Impersonating a Valve employee tried to scam me
I knew that he probably was a scammer from the beginning, but I had to make sure they didnt just leave.

What happened (it was not enough space for the whole conversation):

A guy named Rem (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198156479762/) adds me and tries to make a offer on my knife but want to make sure my knife is not duped. I then answer that it IS duped, but Rem ingores me and adds me in a chat with this guy who says that he is works with valve.
Group chat:
19.09 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Hello traders, I am -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP] of official Steamrep/Reddit and I am here also to supervise for this trade .
19.09 - Rem: hi sir
19.12 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Hey
19.12 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: May you please state the reason or any problem on this trade transaction traders ?
19.12 - Rem: can you help us to check our both knives if its duplicate or not?
19.13 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Okay sure that's my job in here. Just follow my instructions carefully cause i dont want to waste my time in here. I have many transactions to handle and to be assisted. Understood?
19.13 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): I already said that my knife is duped. Just check his
19.14 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Good to know traders and kindly tell me what are the items that are involve in this trade , so that i can note it down .
19.16 - Rem: karambit fade for my part sir
19.16 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: How about you Mr.Hup?
19.17 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): He still has not told me what he wants from me
19.17 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): "Mr.hup...."
19.17 - Rem: his bayonet and butterfly sir
19.18 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Okay traders, I noted all the items are involve in this trade , and I'm and also recording this transaction and forwardessd to Valve as an evidence to secure this trade transaction so both of you can rely on me here .
19.18 - Rem: ok sir
19.20 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: By the way letting you know that this is a recorded transaction for fully assured security.So don't do anything that is against the Steam Trading Policy to prevent any further issues on your account. Any scam attempts in here will result to trade ban permanently and will be tracked by using your ip address and will be charged by Steam. So dont you dare troll or waste my time in here. Understood?
19.21 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Yea
19.21 - Rem: ok sir , understood
19.21 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Just a few reminder traders: Your item(s) will only be on a pending offer (notification) on our ITEM DATABASE PROGRAM just to gather enough logs and data for it to be verified. It will never be accepted as or inventory is systematically locked by Valve/Steam for you traders to have the fairness/comfort of this method. Is it Clear Traders?
19.22 - Rem: okay sir , clear
19.23 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Not gonna trade it away untill I see the knife rem offered in a trade, and security added from the other person to be on the safe side
19.24 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Your offers can't be accepted as its inventory is systematically locked by Valve, so your item(s) are never taken and will stay on your inventory at all times.
19.24 - Rem: ok sir
19.25 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: All right. If both parties have agreed on these exchange, I need your both item(s) to be an Pending offer on our ITEM DATABASE PROGRAM in order for it to gather enough logs and data of the items mentioned. Understood? Here's the trade link:
Tilby -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP] a trade
19.25 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Not untill I see the knife
19.25 - Rem: okay sir , sending my pending offer now
19.26 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Like i said , Your both offer it's just a pending offer only, i can't any offer's because it's automatically locked by valve.
19.26 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Sounds Good Mr.Rem How about you Mr.Hup
19.26 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Then it wont matter if you add a knife as security from your side
19.27 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): "Hup" is a team name.
19.27 - Rem: I already sent sir
19.27 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Alright i got (1)Pending offer From Mr.Rem I'm waiting to Mr.Brann to send his offer aswell.
19.28 - Rem: ok sir
19.32 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: No.
19.33 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Why not? If the trade cant be accepted it wont matter
19.33 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: I can't accep it because it's automatically locked by valve.
19.34 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik: Yea, so it wont matter if you add items as security
19.34 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: No i can't .
19.34 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik: Why?
19.34 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: I need your pending offer .
19.35 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): So if I send the trade offer with your knife as security it will be enough?
19.35 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: No, don't send offer my knife .
19.35 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik: Why?
19.36 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Cause i
19.36 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: It's not mine.
19.36 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Please send it here now :
Tilby -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP] en byttehandel...
19.37 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): But it cant be acceped anyway you said
19.37 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Confirm it on your mobile. so that can i inspect.
19.38 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Then do something that can confirm that you are telling the truth
19.38 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: But, it's just a pending offer only, i can't accept any offer because it's automatically locked by valve.
19.38 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Leave your offer's here now :
Tilby -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP] a trade

19.39 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Don't forget fo confirm it on your mobile.
19.40 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Then do something that can confirm that you are telling the truth
19.40 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: What do you mean?
19.41 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Prove what you are telling me. RIght now you are just a ordinary user who says that he works with valve. Show me something to prove what you are saying
19.42 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Check it Mr.Branne
19.42 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: http://imgur.com/a/cWDFC (shows a trade offer with the Karambit in question) sendt to this guy from Rem
19.42 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: I'm waiting your offer.
19.43 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Prove that you work with valve was what I ment.

(Now I start being a bit sarcastic with him)

19.44 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Check profile.
19.45 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Wow it says "STEAMDEVELOPER™".
19.45 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): It dont prove anything
19.45 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Check my License.
19.45 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): And the link dont work
19.46 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): "That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author."
19.46 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): gj
19.46 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Because of steam down.
19.46 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Just keep on mind Mr.Brann, I'm recording this trade transaction from the start of our conversation and don't even try to troll me in here or else I'll send the video to Valve that I've recorded.
19.47 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): I`m recording too just in case.
19.47 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Oh sure .
19.47 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Shadowplay. Saves last 30 min of conversation
19.47 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: Check it Mr.Brann
19.47 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: http://imgur.com/a/0YzRW
19.48 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: So please send it here now :
Tilby -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP] a trade

19.48 - -GoV- Lady♡Gyal [REMP]: I'm waiting your offer ,
19.49 - ᴏғᴏ|HUP|BrannMolvik(Norway): Wow your friend sendt you a trade offer. How spectacular
(not enough space to add the whole conversation.)
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