Brandon   Singapore
Hi there Everyone!! Nice to Meet ya :)

Personal Information About Me

•Name: Brandon (Most Of My Friends Call Me Brandy Or Zombie)
•Gender: Male
•Age: 19
•Date Of Birth: 19/11/1999
•Nationality: Singapore
•Race: Indian
•Sexuality Status: I'm A Homosexual Meaning I Like Guys. I Am Gay And I Am Proud Of Who I Am.

Im A Big Left 4 Dead 2 Fan And I Literally Play It All The Time. My Favourite Character Will Always Be Rochelle Because She Is Badass And I Always Love Playing As Her ❤

Feel Free To Add Me And Join My Games :) Im Always Open To Making New Friends And Would Love To Make Some New Friends BUT PLEASE DO NOT Add Me If You're Not Gonna Chat With Me Or Play Left 4 Dead 2 With Me... If I Have Never Played L4D2 With Ya Or Talked To Ya Before Please Do Comment Down Why You're Adding Me Before You Add Me.

Please Do Note That There Will Always Be Reserved Spots On Left 4 Dead 2 For Good Friends Of Mine. If All The Spots Are Taken Please Don't Take It Personally. I Will Invite Ya As Soon As Possible Once A Spot Is Available!

Please Do Note That My Vocalizer Is A Private Mod Which Was Made By A Really Good Friend Of Mine So You Can Forget About Getting It From Me :)

I Won't Hesitate To Unfriend You If You Piss Me Off Or Annoy Me On Purpose But I Am Usually Really Nice But I Do Have My Limits So Don't Push Your Luck :)

I Also Have A Youtube Channel. I Make Funny Moments On L4D2!

Do Feel Free To Subscribe To My Channel!

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ssarac873 18 hours ago 
Hello! Would love to be your friend,Can you please accept?
Zombielicious May 2 @ 9:58pm 
Just Gonna Give A Heads Up To Anyone Who Has Already Added Me Or To People Who Are Gonna Add Me In The Future. If You Have Read My Profile You'd Know That People Who Do Not Chat With Me Often And Do Not L4D2 With Me WILL Be Removed From My Friend List.
Zombielicious May 2 @ 3:18am 
Not Too Sure If I've Talked To You Or Played L4D2 With Ya Before But Sure Go Ahead And Add Me! I'm Always Looking Forward To Meeting New People! :)
Gaga the Man May 1 @ 8:50pm 
Hi, you wanna add me? I’m The Black AHH if you’re wondering.
Zombielicious Apr 29 @ 9:15am 
Of Course!!
3StoryAbove7 Apr 26 @ 10:34pm 
hey hey do u think u could add me zombie?:boomer: