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Name: Braixy

Species: Braixen

Age: 20 (human years)

Birthday : 4th of May

Gender: Male

Weight: 32 pounds (14.5 kilos)

Height: 3"03' (100 cm/ 1 meters)

Backstory : Level 23 braixen was force fed rare candy to become level 23 had had all his move removed by his trainer leaving him with only pound, thrown away by his abusive trainer for not being female, the only memory he has of his trainer is the scarf he is wearing, he lives alone in the forest where he often explores mystery dungeon to take care of pokemon that have been made KO, he also has a shop called "Braixy's heals and smooches"

Body description: A normal braixen with a really warm body wearing a red stripped yellow scarf and glasses, with a ribbon on his braixen stick, very feminine appearance, pink paw pads (both hand and feet), Red/Amber eyes that can glow

Personality: Shy, Affectionate, Friendly, Fearful, Jokester

Likes: Cuddles, hugs, affection, playing video games on pc, his (rp) job, spending times with friends, the purple and pink colors, being lewd and silly, pokepuffs, neon/glowing stuff

Dislikes: Humans, crowds, violence, discrimination


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