Eric Nathan Higgins   Farragut, Tennessee, United States
Welcome to my Profile!
I'm just your average Braixen, who uses Steam pretty often. :brfire:
I'm also a raffler on Scrap.tf and I do Arts

:brfire: :subob:
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Flare in the Water and Flame
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A pretty helpful information box!
Age: 16

Gender: Male

Scrap.TF Profile, I raffle a lot over there [scrap.tf]

Favorite Pokemon: Braixen :brfire:

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, Black

TF2 Mains: Defensive Classes, Pyro, Soldier, and a tiny bit of Scout :medicon: (Including MVM)

Fandom: I'm pretty sure I'm like a awkward mixture of a furry and a tiny bit of brony :subob:

My sonas are Flare the Braixen , who is more of a public alias, and Kyezoar the Dragon who is more based of myself.

If you want to use my characters for a drawing/artwork, please let me know. :brfire:

-Art Commission Info-

I haven't fully figured out a commission process but heres what I got.

Profile Picture styled: 2 TF2 Keys

Body-Full: 2-3+ TF2 Keys (Depending on character complexity)

Extra characters doubles the price (an exception would be if they were different sizes)

Open Status: Open


If you add me, I will check your profile beforehand.

And no, I'm not trading my good hats :3
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