Bradley   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Aeon of Strife - MOBA granddaddy
Defense of the Ancients - the one who set the standard
League of Legends - DotA's child who ran away and became a celebrity in Korea
Dota 2 - DotA's child who tries to emulate his father and became a celebrity in Russia
Heroes of the Storm - League and Dota 2's cousin who's a lot of fun to have around but no one takes seriously
Smite - League's bastard child with God of War

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spoony Nov 2 @ 2:41am 
Ennayy Aug 9 @ 12:29pm 
-Rep won’t admit to himself that he’s secretly gay for me.
yagger Jul 22 @ 4:24am 
gay tokyo ghoul LOL!
The Shame Lizard Jul 7 @ 11:13am 
Dont expect much but atleast he will try
ReconHD Mar 25 @ 12:30pm 
every 10 mins i see you get on gmod, are you ok?