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Posted: Aug 14 @ 7:18pm
Updated: Aug 16 @ 3:21am

The game is a fun, Battle Royale-like party game for 60 players at a time. The fluent player collision physics and almost lag-free games with many players make it a technological achievement, even for the unprepared yet justifiable initial state of the servers.

However, as criticised by many, the mix of solo and team games makes the game unbalanced and, ultimately, it is only the final round that matters. Any round before that may be fully determined by luck instead of skill considering a randomly chosen team is all you get. Additionally, teams don't tend to be divided evenly, making the game even less balanced.

Regardless, the game is very fun and can be enjoyed with up to 4 friends in a party. Items (cosmetics) aren't mandatory and can be, at this point, easily obtained for free since the game gives generous amounts of points for every played game.
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