I´m Boomback, and thats my Steam profile ^^
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General info!

Please read my Information Box

● About me & my account
● I only know Romanian & English
● My name is Tony but you can also call me Boomback
● Im 15 years old

🎮 Games I mainly plays
-Garry's mod
-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
-Left 4 Dead 2
-Rocket League
You can add me if you want to play anything

:csgogun:A +2 years old Steam account.
:csgogun:A level +10 Steam account.
:csgogun:Over 10 Steam games.
:csgogun:Over 100 Hours On Record

► I Will not accept your frend requests from:
► Users with Scammer or Caution tags (I Always Check)
► Users that is private.
► Users who have not left a comment on my profile w/ the reason for adding me

:stop: I will remove you and block you if you're rude and disrespectful. :stop:

:caster_happy: If you +rep me,I will do the same.

:Winking:Thanks for visiting my profile!:Winking:

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Sa te sinucizi alaturi de nichitoi Paul Dumitru
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