Darrick   Kentucky, United States
So, how's it goin?

Reason on why not to do a pun war, in this case-animals:
Random_Explosion(Boom): Random_Explosion(Boom): owl see it then
Random_Explosion(Boom): <3
Charleston #Wings: I'm tigered.
Random_Explosion(Boom): you do have the khoala-ifications
Charleston #Wings: I can't bear these pans
Random_Explosion(Boom): fine alpaca my stuff and leave
Random_Explosion(Boom): wait i cant find my suitcase, this is hawkward
Random_Explosion(Boom): anyways, let minnow if you have enough
Random_Explosion(Boom): you typing? awww get otter here
Random_Explosion(Boom): come on charles, its aMOOSEing
Charleston #Wings: hawkward
Random_Explosion(Boom): said it already
Charleston #Wings: this is pandamonium
Charleston #Wings: I mean
Charleston #Wings: this is quite ribbiting
Random_Explosion(Boom): i bet its giraffing you crazy?
Charleston #Wings: How about a pugtato and a pup of tea
Charleston #Wings: I'll put it on instaham
Random_Explosion(Boom): dont do it on porpoise then
Charleston #Wings: baby dont herd me
Random_Explosion(Boom): how about we snake hands and be civilized then?
Charleston #Wings: I MEAn toucan play at that game
Random_Explosion(Boom): then again it would be boar-ing
Charleston #Wings: need a hedgehug?
Random_Explosion(Boom): hedgehug, thats the seal-iest thing ever
Charleston #Wings: I could gopher a beer. Wanna come with?
Random_Explosion(Boom): just give up and name me the chimp-ion
Random_Explosion(Boom): but if you dont, you must be kitten me right meow
Charleston #Wings: Sounds turtley radical.
Random_Explosion(Boom): and ik going on and on is irrelephant
Random_Explosion(Boom): but i deer you to keep going
Charleston #Wings: I really need a cup of sloffee
Charleston #Wings: tbh
Charleston #Wings: then go out for a unicone
Charleston #Wings: u win tho puns morder me
Random_Explosion(Boom): besides desserts would make me husky
Random_Explosion(Boom): but if i keep going, OH THE HUMANATEE
Charleston #Wings is now Online.
Random_Explosion(Boom): owl stop this time

WHY HELLO THERE FINE CHAP, you are not lazy enough to check all of mah profile, good for you!--------Also, have a noice day.
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