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"I came across your profile and I was wondering if you would accept an engagement of witty banter between two intellectuals. Of course this "engagement" may start off as purely platonic but my sensual desires will most likely guide our cohesive unity down more erotic, lascivious, and sexual paths." - Rad the Mad, 2015

"this is why i prefer computers, humans are fucking complicated" - Wookie the Confuzzled, 2015

"Well whatever tickely your fancy :D" - Amrit the Ticklish, 2015

"edidipugi" - ElAnder the Scared, 2015

"i'll smother the bastard in his stomach rolls" - Tiarnan Jones the Irelander, 2015

"Wall sex is all good until you go fry a burger and realize you're balls deep in a horny koala" - le reddit, 2015

"theres a baby seal next door that wont stop crying" - Tiarnan Jones the Irelander, 2015

"tuna my dads not back until 3am so you could totally get a boat over and bum me" - Alex the Scouser, 2015

"theres only so many bullshit-death-respawn-and-remake-your-gear-cuz-you-cant-find-it-at-night-sucka I can take" - Rad the Mad, 2015

"I get notifications about people commenting on your profile rather than mine gg" - Tiarnan Jones the Irelander, 2015

"wondering if theres tentacle raep version of this" - Rad the Mad, 2015

"*tips, flips and whibldy dips* that's some 420 skill you have there" - Pawt the... Pawt?, 2015

"im gonna throw you off a mountain just like you did to me Bogus" - Chepburn the Bitch, 2015

"so in my absence from RGC, it has debased into a BDSM cult hah" - Squid the Wise, 2015

"why cant we just download more vram" - Tiarnan Jones the Irelander on GTX 970s, 2015

"You could make Roblox fun, I could play a fucking simulator with you and have fun" - Alex the Euphoric, 2015

"bogus isnt even human, he is an ethereal entity that observes the ongoings of humans to preserve the balance of time and space. ITS HIS JOB" - Squid the Wise, 2014

"we print anything" - Joe Gallagher the Mighty, 2014

"w0w thanks lord bogus gonna go kill some niggers in celebration now" - Kaden the Homosexually Orientated, 2014

"penis" - Slav the Kebab, 2014

"god damnit bogus" - Dave the Loud, 2013

"boguus do u like big asian gurls?" - Kitty the Gurl Gamer, 2013

"i can be your harry" - Harry the Harry, 2013

"Bogus to prove a point, you like chicks in a sexy bunny costume don't you - Yanno like a fit woman in the bunny ears, thong, tail and shit?" - Shruiikan the Traitor, 2013

"theres a big hole where my house used to be" - Wookie the Confuzzled, 2013

"is the current state of affairs causing you large quantities of inconveniences? you have been wool pulled over your head - am i pushing your buttons? - have your emotions been tickled? what you just undergone was merely a fabricated fib generated ny me - something irks you, you flustered old bean?" - Bokito the Mexican, 2013


"i think everything is controlled by barney who is sitting behind a computer and controlls space and decides where to shoot meteors and which stars explode or what planets die" - Vans the Philosopher 2012

"Go ahead and make fun of me :( But im gonna have a little penguin baby :( and its gonna be soo cute" - Hiws the Boring, 2012

"bogus do love some fine ass" - Wookie the Sexai, 2012

"bogus you are god" - Symin the Stoned, 2012

"So is this the Legenday Bogus Boo people have been talking about?" - Double Doppler the Great, 2010

"to this day boo's avatar has been a mystery since the 90's and we may never know the truth behind it" - Frosty the Stranger, 2010
Kaden Dec 28, 2017 @ 7:52pm 
I heard that KFC has secret gas chambers under every compound where they arrest and detain white people who try to order some fried chicken.
Rad Oct 28, 2017 @ 11:33am 
Quantum vaping is extremely dangerous. You can't start vaping in the 5th dimension without first mastering it in 1-4 or else you might get stuck in an infinite vape loop leaving you unable to return to the land of the fupa.

When you are vaping in the 5th dimension, you are essentially blasting every vape you have ever hit in the past and every vape you will hit in the future all at the same time.

Sixth dimensional vaping turns your body into vapor allowing you to experience the world simultaneously through each particle as it drifts through the wind.

Seventh dimensional vaping, as it turns out, is a lot like 4th dimension vaping, except everything is in you are actually sucking vape clouds out of the air and blowing them back into the vape. Couple this technique with 4th dimensional vaping and you will never run out of e-juice.
Rad Jul 18, 2017 @ 3:33am 
Laughing, living, loving
Get shitfaced when you're clubbing
Hop in this fucking oven
Put you down, you'll fuck things up again and again

I jerk my weiner to 2d anime porn
3d bitches, can't touch my Japanese sword
Fucking normies, meatbag NPCs, get off my board

You're a bunch of fuckin' normalfags
Havin' sex with herpes-ridden slags
All my Stacys goin out with Chads
Cuz they're a bunch of fuckin' normalfags

Why the fuck are you still here
Your shitty fun, your shitty music, your every taste is so shit tier
We're gonna bake all those half chan jews
Normies, breathe in the gas, take the social cues
You're so concerned with fairness
Rooting for Daenerys
I just want to stop your claptrap
Put a bullet through your snapback
Y'all sing it with me

You're a bunch of fuckin' normalfags
You're lily white but you pretend you're black
I'll die alone, but not enslaved to hags
I'm not a stupid fuuckin' normalfag
Lager Fanny Dec 29, 2016 @ 5:23am 
grab some cash
get that gash
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
Lager Fanny Nov 25, 2016 @ 4:56am 
buying wip wop wip wop wep weeeeeed
Rad Nov 21, 2016 @ 7:35am