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So cute! :3
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Remember the WOLOLO?

This was an awesome game back in the day. I remember spending hours upon hours after school coming home just to play this, and I'm glad there are still people working on it to this day. When I picked this up in 2013 on it's release date, I was convinced that there wouldn't have been any further updates other than the retextures and porting to Steam, etc. Glad it turned out that I was wrong, what with the continual release of DLCs for the game. That said, while it is definitely showing it's age - but with the DLCs, updates and the community still playing this game, it's kept it from going stale.

Developers are still consistently working on patch and bug fixes, and... hey, with the Steam Workshop you can do pretty much whatever you want in this game. Reworked mechanisms from the original are welcome to keep it up with recent RTS releases as well.

Now... I need to find friends to play this with ;-;

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Dangerous Brian Jun 1 @ 7:22am 
662 "Anchovy" [U:1:286628938] 23:41 120 0 active
# 659 "Knight" Not sure why there are no admins about to help ;-(
Dangerous Brian Jun 1 @ 7:21am 
Hi, you are an admin right? Can you check out the 2fort server - Knight. Everyone is accusing him of cheating but i cant be sure
SpyFusion May 27 @ 10:54pm 
Heyo owner of Shana, so yesterday my ping was gud, but now my ping sux. Whats the problem?(I live in sg btw) But my ping suddenly sux
Chuma May 14 @ 7:38am 
nice avatar :)
Miyu ♡ May 12 @ 6:36am 
meow~ :nekoheart: