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Beware of imposters and anyone claiming they own the items in this account. This is {링크가 삭제되었습니다} 's knife storage. None of these items are for sale. The link to my main is on this profile.
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Hi, I am Bogon/Ska, the former Head Admin of TF2WH. I am no longer affiliated with TF2WH and can't help you with any issues involving the site. I have been in the TF2 community for years and will continue to stay as active as I can.
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Rebekka 2018년 8월 31일 오후 11시 16분 
Hi, I trade my pudge arcana for any 10 Dota2 loading screens - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept
Stop_it 2016년 5월 21일 오전 4시 41분 
This guys skins are brighter than my future :P
Shazbob 2016년 4월 8일 오전 12시 13분 
added to trade a knife
Abunadar 2015년 5월 29일 오후 7시 19분 
added you for bettables
cjhzzz 2015년 5월 3일 오전 2시 06분 
added you for bettables
Sid 2015년 5월 2일 오전 7시 18분 
Added ya for bettables