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Bogg, otherwise known as BoggoTV, Boggo, BoggoD, BoggD, BoggoD123, Boggo123, Boggo Doggo or Bog go Doggo (now defunct!)
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Australian slang word used to describe a dero (derro) or a tramp. Someone who is a bum from the dregs of society and is generally an unpleasant person.


Self-Proclaimed Ex-Professional TF2 Economy Expert.
cool epic medic
I can use computers sometimes.

Youtube: BoggoTV
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but what if Heavy TF2 could fly?
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Vhou Aug 6 @ 7:10pm 
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La.Coste Jul 19 @ 1:45am 
Sup bro! I want to buy Unusual Voodoo Vizier on your bot
Julius Pringles Jul 7 @ 5:45am 
Penis size should be a volumetric measurement

Let me explain, Western culture has popularised the outdated unit of inches as the common benchmark for comparing penis size. However, it’s 2021 now, we are advancing towards being a multi planetary species; a single axis measurement for a 3D object all of us possess is medieval, and simply not fit for current use.

I suggest a new unit; millimeters - however if this becomes commonly adopted I wish to be credited, please state the unit of penis size as Venus penis points as I am certain I am the first individual to suggest this.

The new methodology of measuring penis should be as followed;

The penis is inserted into a measuring cup until it cannot be inserted further.

The volume of liquid displaced should equal penis volume.

Complete the conversion; 1ml of displaced penis water = 1 Venus penis point.

Please, help me abolish this out dated system - it wrongly paints a world of penis size based on length
Hejhugo Jul 7 @ 5:36am 
Great fellow! He helped me get my internet connection back, and also my family. He also is very generous and sent me a picture of a funny man. thanks!
BoggoTV Jul 7 @ 5:20am 
Vhou Jul 2 @ 1:39pm 
lasaga 23