Zachary   South Carolina, United States
Do not even think about adding me without reading my whole bio. You can and WILL be blocked.

It's Hangrycoocoo as in coocoo like crazy not coco as in coco puffs. Just Say Coocoo not coco.

Also, I dont fall for scamms involving bots, "Moderators" or any other basic scamms. If you have a private inventory, dont tell me why you have added me(usually a comment), are an impersonator, think i dont know the value of my items, or are an extreme lowballer I will not think twice about blocking and reporting you. Have A Nice Day!


Trade Info:

Items tagged red: Not For Sale

Items tagged yellow: Read the tag note, usually means I am not actively selling, but willing to negotiate if anyone has a reasonable offer

Items tagged green: actively looking to sell for pure or item overpay

Q: Will you advertise (insert any trading or gambling website) for free items?

A: No, any attempts to get me to advertise your website will result in me blocking you

Q: Will you buy my *insert low tier unusual taunt or hat here* for market price?


Q: Are you selling *insert anything worth under a few ref*?

A: No, please dont waste my time offering to buy my craft hats, trading cards, steam backgrounds, etc. I'm not selling them because even if I profit it is pointless due to the low value of the trade.

Backpack: Here [backpack.tf]

Trade Link: Here


If you are just adding me for a trade, comp game, or any other reason that we wouldn't stay in eachothers friend lists for over a week, then feel free to stop reading here.


Just some general info about me

Location: Meh Swamp

Ocupation: Lol i don't have job

Address: Are you stalking me?

Gender: Male

Species: Human(I think)

Age: 14

Favorite Game: Team Fortress Two

Second Favorite Game:Minecraft

Third Favorite Game:Gmod

Favorite Class(Main): Medic

Competitive Team(TF2): Team Blizzard(prefix [BLZ])

Favorite color: White

Discord: Hangrycoocoo#8731

If You Are Reading This You Are Stalking Me


Favorite quotes by friends

"Yo Scammers come and meet me for a irl knife fight in Africa or eat your own poo and choke. Everyone else have happy thoughts and a nice day" -DarthChickenGaming

"the hootenanny is hootenlitty" -Skyl

"after consuming two box combos (4 chicken strips each) and extra fries (on both) I have officially found the meaning of capitalism" -Saddy

"Don't make me make a diss on you" -Willia

"Why are you like this" -armor22222

"White is ugly" -GodofWaffles

"i will smash your balls with a potato masher if you dont stop calling me" -Rustay

"Bruh" -CreamMachine

"Hangry I swear stay the same I love seeing the retardism you always post" -Death The Kid

"Hangry: he was an aspiring trader and my student but the time has come for the student to surpass the master" -Matrigis

"No one loves u hangry" -Hecc

"I'ma upload my whole bruh moments folder into your dms" -Me


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgjKVONX48jndMdOLnc7faQ (its bad pls dont click this)

Like my showcase art on my profile please
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I'm trying to get one killer exclusive with every paint color
I don't pay that much, but will almost always beat buy orders
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For fucks sake, stop INVITING ME to your god damn UNCOOL groups!
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Hangrycoocoo Sep 3 @ 7:08pm 
I'm Joking, i know its not stalking
Mexi_ Sep 3 @ 6:17pm 
You jump to conclusions. I was just looking at your medi.
Hangrycoocoo Sep 3 @ 6:15pm 
why are you stalking me
Mexi_ Sep 3 @ 6:14pm 
Read whole bio to add - if you read this you're stalking. Which one do you want.
kliffer66 Jul 23 @ 8:38am 
Ok cool this was awkward.
Hangrycoocoo Jul 23 @ 5:32am 
Oh ok