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203.5 Std. insgesamt
It's Buggy as ♥♥♥♥, You will die within seconds most times, everyone is cancer on the voice chat and it's full of kids screaming...

I wouldn't change a thing
Verfasst am 17. November 2018.
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The game has been through thick and thin and the Dev's have been amazing at getting bug fixes and addtional content into the game, The 1 year anniversary has rolled out a huge wave of content and bug fixes.
Even when the game was buggy I've had great fun, The community are great and active on the official discord.
Being able to fly a ship through space with as many crew as you want and having that complete sandbox experiance is so fun, I sometimes roll as a Space pirate, stealing from other players, trying to dock with there stations and having a good old zero grav battle.
Most times im out there trying to build a huge station and defending it from other pirates.
and some times I just go out exploring, the game is STUNNING although if you don't have a beefy pc and GPU you wont get the full graphical experiance. Personally I play on mid range graphics and get around 45 fps normally and between 20-30 in areas with a lot going on, which is understandably as the Dev's have stated they are working on huge optimization fixes.

Personally I would recommend this game, Which i already have. If you have people you can play with the game itself becomes 100x more fun, but even just joining a server and finding someone else works too, I docked with someones ship unbenkownst to them and instead of killing them as was my main intention I ended up spending 7hours in his crew, exploring the universe and building a station together.

Fun game, Very interesting future content coming soon, Makes me moist.
Verfasst am 1. März 2018.
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The game is broken, in every sence, I would not recommend paying even £1 for this. If the creater put some effort into the game then yes it has potential, but to charge money in its current state is laughable.
Verfasst am 2. August 2015.
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