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Life is like a videogame. You win. You Lose. You Ragequit.
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Information about me!

:hammersickle: - Hello there random stranger from the internet , i see that you had discovered my steam profile, heh... you must be either somewhat interested on me and want to seek more information , you're my friend and you're just checking my profile info , or you want to add me as a friend , or maybe for an another purpose , whatever your reason is , knock yourself out. :hammersickle:

- Here's a quick reminder , if you're going to add me , leave your reason in the profile comments below , i'll check them out later on.

:approved: - I only accept friend requests from people whom i have met , or from the people who stated their reason on why they are adding me.

:denied: - I never accept friend requests from people who are suspicious , ( e.g : people who wants to trade but has their backpack private and they have a link on their profile desc that states a backpack of a diffrent user

- If you're going to send me a trade offer , its either add me or try harder , why? you may ask , it's because i tried putting a link before but it keeps getting removed , so yeah... i just gave up on it.

- If you're here to post something that's just full of hate or perhaps a "hate comment" , go for it , nobody's stopping you. Just remember this , think carefully about what you do , you know what they say " what comes around , goes around" , don't tell me that i didn't warn you.

Anyways... Enough introduction , time to get into the real thing..

- The username's BLUEBERRY , why did i pick this username? you may ask , I just think it's a neat and clean username , and also the fact that my favorite color is Blue

- I'm a multi-gamer , i play multiple games and experience the best of them and treasure the memories that i had on them.

- What do i do in my spare time? Play videogames of course!

- I'm sometimes a grammar Nazi. Not because I'm an egotistical person who likes to correct other's mistakes all the time , nor am I the type of person to get pissed off at simple mistakes, I do it purely because I want to correct others mistakes so they can learn from them, and not repeat themselves. It saves face from humiliation.

- I removed my Best Friends List since MOST of my friends are my best friends.


----------------------------------------------------- STATUS ----------------------------------------------------------

:SpaceAim: - InGame : Probably in game playing a match in a certain server , if you want to talk with me , please make it short as possible , if i'm playing a singleplayer game , feel free to talk with me.

:story: - Online : Feel free to invite me to a chat while drinking a hot cup of coffee , we can talk for how long you want to talk , unless if i have something important to do.

:oclocktime: - Away : I'm either in my phone , forgot to turn off my PC , idling , or i'm doing something important.

:sans: - Busy : Now you can be really sure i'm doing something important ( or i just dont want anyone to bother me )

:steambored: - Snooze : I never use this one , but somehow it automatically switches to this one if i leave my PC on.

:sentry: - Offline : I'm either asleep , not at home , internet has fucked up , black out , or steam coordinator aint responding.


----------------------------------- [GAMING INFORMATION AND PROGRESS] -------------------------------------

:sticky: - Team Fortress 2 : I main Engineer and Medic , I like helping my team out and help them push when they're falling back , but when im not playing these classes , i play soldier , I'm Rank 147 Tier 2.

- :P::A::Y::TheD::A::Y: :2: : My favorite heists are Hoxton Breakout , Firestarter and Goat Simulator , i usually play as Hoxton , My rank is Infamy 2.

:sweetlock: - Left 4 Dead 2 : My favorite character is Bill , and i've also done all of the missions there.

:sans: - Undertale : Neutral and Pacifist - Done , No deaths , Genocide - Done.

:ADNalert:- Zup! Zero : I only finished this game for the achivements showcase.

- Borderlands 2 : In Progress

:glory: - Papers , Please : Endings done : Ending 16 , Ending 18 , Ezic Ending , Arstoska Ending

:p2cube: - Portal : Completed

:p2wheatley: - Portal 2 : Chapter 6


------------------------------------------------- [ WISHLIST ] -----------------------------------------------

- Since no one looks at the actual steam store wishlist , i'll just list them down here.

- Subnautica

- Team Fortress 2 : An Australlium , An Unusual Taunt , An Unusual Weapon , A Strange Killstreak and all of the the engineer and medic taunts.

- Terraria
- Fallout Series
- Poker night in the inventory Series
- Garry's Mod
- Player's Unknown Battlegrounds
- Grand Theft Auto Five
- Cupheads
- Oxegen not included


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remember me where we had a fight 2 years ago?
Fredo Feb 14 @ 10:44pm 
My country don't celebrate Valentines but.... Happy Valentines Day!

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