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There's not much to this game. There are only 4 sports events, which can be broken down further to 2 types of races and 2 types of battles. The name entry screen, a relic of the old Japanese version, allows for a dissapointing maximum of 6 characters for stage and character names. The english translation of this game makes Chroma Squad look like Shakespeare. The AI is dumb as a rock, and online play is virtually non-existent.

So why am I recommending this game? Well, for all it's flaws, I still think this makes for a great local-multiplayer experience. I also love the setting and characters - nothing beats badass Japanese delinquent highschool melodrama. Only purchase if you plan to play it with frends. It makes for some pretty fun and intense competition, at least on the surface. The controls are very simple to pick up and learn, just explain to your pals that you double-tap forward to run and that you can swim faster in water if you are holding an item. These are two "tricks" that aren't explained well, but are easily enough figured out.

I would NOT recommend this game at full price, though. Only if it's on sale.

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