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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 8:29pm

Picking Up the Pieces

Collect all the items.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 8:35pm

Hello Bendy

Fall through the floor.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 8:03pm

Crooner Tuner

Turn on the radio in Chapter One.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:42pm

My Favorite Song

Solve the musical puzzle.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:42pm

Strike Up The Band

Get all the Bendys on stage.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:50pm

Coast to Coast

Turn on the radio in Chapter Two.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:59pm

The Believer

Survive being chased by Bendy.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:34pm

Johnny's Broken Heart

Play the pipe organ 5 times.
Unlocked Aug 2 @ 8:35pm

The Past Speaks

Listened to All Audio Logs in Chapter One.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:46pm

Old Problems

Listened to All Audio Logs in Chapter Two
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 7:36pm

Spare Parts

Found all of Alice Angel's gears.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 8:09pm

Feeling the Pressure

Solved all valve panel puzzles.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 8:09pm

Anger Management

Destroyed four Bendy cardboard cutouts in Chapter Three.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 4:51pm

Front Lines

Survived the Butcher Gang's attack.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 7:42pm

Ultimate Stomachache

Hunted down all Swollen Searchers.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 5:26pm

Darker Places

Survived the inky abyss.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 5:30pm

The Path of the Angel

Chose the way of Alice.
Unlocked Aug 9 @ 6:47pm

A Special Hat

Run into Jack Fain.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 6:11pm

A Haunting We Will Go

Restore Power to the Haunted House.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 6:05pm

Around And Around

Defeat Bertrum.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 5:31pm

Still Listening

Listen to All Audio Logs in Chapter Four.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 6:28pm


Found Boris.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 5:44pm

Wasting Time

Ring the bell.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 7:02pm

Now Hear This!

Listen to All Audio Logs in Chapter Five.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 7:36pm

To Hell and Back

Complete the Main Story.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 6:51pm


Let others do the work.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 6:53pm

Shadows and Suffering

Discover what's living below.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 7:12pm

Pipes and Problems

Found a new way through.
Unlocked Aug 10 @ 7:36pm

Standing Proud

Find out where you belong.


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