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Profile Rules
I don't have many rules, infact i only have one and it's to not add me if i do not know you, if i don't know you or we haven't talked alot ingame comment on my profile before adding or you will be instantly ignored.

Hello and welcome to my profile i hope you enjoy your stay
About me
Name: Blue

Nickname: Blue

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Favorite Music: All music, music is my life(though i do prefer pop}

Favorite Group: 4th Impact(Power) Pure Talent

Favorite Games: Yooka-Laylee,TF2,GTA V, Brothers Tale Of Two Sons

Favorite Colour: Well i am sure you can guess :p

Favorite Anime: Any really if it is good(no i am not a weeb just love animation)

Favorite Food: CAKE!!!!

:gold:Missing Australiums From Drop List:gold:
Australium Knife
Australium Black Box
Austarlium Axtinguisher
Australium Grenade Launcher
Australium Eyelander
Australium Tomislav
Australium Minigun
Australium Wrench
Golden Pan

Total Tours 455
:gold:MvM Australiums/Fabriactors (Two Citties):gold:
Current tours [412]
Longest dry streak [191]
Current dry streak [7]
Tour 4 Australium Medigun
Tour 23 Australium Sniper Rifle
Tour 40 Australium Force-A-Nature
(Badge reset at 44)
Tour 61 Australium Flamethrower (4 box)
Tour 62 Australium Scattergun
Tour 72 Australium Frontier Justice
Tour 98 Australium Ambassador
Tour 112 Australium Rocket Launcher
Tour 125 Australium Scattergun
Tour 175 Australium Blutsauger
Tour 318 Professional killstreak degreaser (Incinerator violet)
Tour 343 Professional killstreak Flamethrower(Hypno violet)
Tour 367 Australium smg
Tour 390 Professional killstreak Sniper Rifle (Incinerator violet)
Tour 391 Professional killstreak Medi Gun (Singularity mandirin)
Tour 443 Professional killstreak degreaser (Singularity hot rod)
Tour 447 3rd fucking Australium smg... in a row
:gold:MvM Australiums (Mecha):gold:
Current tours [23]
Longest dry streak [16]
Current dry streak [7]
Tour 16 Australium smg
:gold:MvM Australiums expert (Gear Grinder) :gold:
Current tours [29]
Longest dry streak [29]
Current dry streak [29]


hemenzdo : report blue
Blue : lmao
hemenzdo:fk hacker
hemenzdo: i kill u
hemenzdo: irl
hemenzdo: loser

DEAD Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : blue is cheat report him
DEAD Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : turn off the cheat blue
DEAD Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : im jumping and then headshot lol
DEAD Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : see?
Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : report him dude
Hasemeleh Hasemeleh : always head? really

Blue LFT 6s killed DesertClaw with scattergun.
DesertClaw : fuck this im leaving fucking hate cheaters

Peter Stuyvesant | S> SFM Poste : kick blue LFT 6s
Peter Stuyvesant | S> SFM Poste : he's got some no slowdown cheat
Peter Stuyvesant | S> SFM Poste : hes moving full speed when scoped in xd
Joko : he aint cheatin
Peter Stuyvesant | S> SFM Poste : must've accidentally toggled it, hey mate
*DEAD* Peter Stuyvesant | S> SFM Poste : lol you're defo cheating, blu
*DEAD* cheo nen : blue lft has esps lol
*DEAD* cheo nen : 5 seconds of invis
*DEAD* cheo nen : and he still sees me

:steamsalty:Salt Factory:steamsalty:

*DEAD* Ezrahim : fuck you blue
Ezrahim : fuckin shitty shotgun
Blue LFT 6s : learn to dodge
Ezrahim : suck a cock
jacc : suck a cock faggot
Blue LFT 6s : im good thanks for offering

My Pc/Peripherals


Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB []


AZIO MGK1 RGB Gaming Keyboard []


Sennheiser GAME ZERO PC Gaming Headset - White []


Benq XL2411T []


BenQ GL2460 []

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Intel Core i5 6600K @ 3.50GHz []


GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 []


16.00GB corsiar dominator platniums DDR4 @ 3000MHz []

Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (EVGA) []

Power Supply

CORSAIR RM750X Gold []


1TB Western Digital WDC []

Portable HardDrive

1TB LG Portable HardDrive []

Trading Information

If you are adding me for trading please comment on where ever i am selling my items, i will NOT be accepting random trades/friend request for things i have not listed for sale so please save both of us some time and just offer on my trade or what ever website i have listed my items on, if it is for serious server related problems on Jump Academy comment the reason on my profile and add me.

My Trade Offer Link

Cash Rep Thread []

My current and old trades on tf2outpost []

Steamrep Profile [] profile []

My Team Fortress 2 settings

800 dpi on my mouse/3.46 ingame
Inches per 360: 5.9
Launch Options: -sw -noborder -w 1920 -h 1080 -novid

Quotes and moments
(Giving Koda an Australium Frontier Justice)

4:29 PM - Blue #Escrow Free: You are the engie main
4:29 PM - D'Koda: DUDE
4:29 PM - D'Koda: <3
4:29 PM - D'Koda: Did this drop for you?
4:29 PM - D'Koda: I fucking love you
4:29 PM - Blue #Escrow Free: Yeah 2 tours ago
4:29 PM - D'Koda: WOW
4:30 PM - Blue #Escrow Free: You might as well have it
4:30 PM - Blue #Escrow Free: XD
4:29 PM - D'Koda: I love you man
4:30 PM - Blue #Escrow Free: Anytime
♡ Blue : So same time tomorrow right purple?, wolf?
-».•´Purplicious`•.«- : maybe :P
Ramen : <3
♡ Blue : <3
(Voice) -».•´Purplicious`•.«-: No
♡ Blue : you need your carries
Ramen : #lovewins
-».•´Woifilicious`•.«- : if you are still on our friendlist by then...
-».•´Woifilicious•.«- : thankfully blues dead body and destroyed sentry give smetal
-».•´Woifilicious•.«- : you are more helpful dead

chεvvy | 1: oh yeh
chεvvy | 1:
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1,677 hrs on record
last played on Mar 25
242 hrs on record
last played on Mar 22
4,809 hrs on record
last played on Mar 19
독병주 Jan 18 @ 11:02pm 
your first expert australium is smg. i saw that
Dec 31, 2018 @ 9:42am 
Happy new year! I hope 2019 will be great for you :D
ⱴΛçɢḁмΐ Dec 22, 2018 @ 7:03am 
the hearts spells a*s*s* wowee moooooooommmm
ⱴΛçɢḁмΐ Dec 22, 2018 @ 7:02am 
u forgot spacmon u♥♥♥♥♥ signed by my balls gg no re
Sotus Dec 17, 2018 @ 6:30am 
Signed by Sotus!
독병주 Dec 12, 2018 @ 3:52pm 
He steal my australium smg